The news and things are not set good for the Tiktok users these days. The latest controversy emerged on the social media on the hastag #KAM. A new story is developing on the social media that an 11 year old boy committed suicide over the KAM. The news had first came on the social media and later it started trending on the Tiktok. What is KAM and why people are using this tag in their Tiktok videos. We found that tag was first used by a woman named Jenny McDermott. After that, it became popular on Tiktok. So continue to read to know the full controversy and news on this trending topic KAM.

What is KAM?

KAM stands for the Kill All Men on the Tiktok. The latest news is that a 11-year boy killed himself after taking this phrase seriously. The female Tiktok personalities are using this tag or phase in their videos. The meaning of KAM is to the reference of man who are chauvinist and anti-feminist. Many Tiktok users have been offending from the video and tags. Various reactions are coming from people on the social media. Now, it matter is raising to a new social media controversy.

Online Reactions on this KAM tag

There are lots of discussion in forums over this incident. Is this right to promote such phrase or tags on Tiktok? A new craze of uploading videos is seen on this tag. Well, it can’t be said whether Jenny McDermott talked KAM serious or just for the video content. Like Jenny, many feminists users are expressing the same views in their videos.

Few thinks this is the misuse of the digital platform and will bring uncertainty in the coming future. Digital social media platforms should not be used this way. It is a platform for sharing positive views, talent and entertainment.

11 Year Old Boy Killed Himself

The initial reporting is that an 11-year-old allegedly attempted suicide after he viewed the Kill All Men videos. After the popularity of the KAM tag, everyone on the Tiktok starting using it by posting the content on this topic.

The Tiktok community now looking up on this topic. It is against the guidelines to upload something which promotes “hateful behavior.”

The name and details of the boy are still unknown.

The relaxing news is that boy’s attempt was unsuccessful. But it is matter a matter of concern in the society.


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