There is a shocking report coming from the Kansas state of United States. The U.S. cattle industry shocked from the death news of the thousands of cattle because of heat and temperature. The heat wave sweeping Kansas’s feedlots has claimed another 5,000 cattle suffered. This number is likely to rise as we progress through the summer months and into autumn.

The deaths of 400 head of cattle has been recorded in the state due to hot day and heat temperature. In temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius, they died horrible deaths with many showing signs that point toward murder by injection or suffocation caused by thick mattresses which trapped their bodies when it became too hot for them. It a very tragic and unfortune incident happened in the Kansas state. One of the farmer recorded the video and shared it to the social media.

Included here are two reports: One on how this is impacting farmers across Kansas and another detailing what we know thus far about those who were affected – including whether there might be any connection between food production areas along our border with Texas (where victims originate). This is is big alarming situation for the US cattle industry and government as it just happened unexpectedly.

The recent video of dead bovines has caused quite an Internet stir. The president from Chihuahua Livestock Union confirmed that these are likely due to high temperatures, reports indicate 70 degree Fahrenheit weather within the last few days where they live-which might explain why so many cows were found collapsed on their feet without any evidence left behind suggesting how this happened or what killed them exactly but either way it’s certainly not something we want happening ever again.

The cows in Kansas are at Risk when it comes to heat stress. If their temperatures rise above 50 degrees, then they’re more likely suffer from lung infection or other health problems due the accelerated rate of “heat-stress” which can lead them being less productive on farm work such as producing milk and meat for human consumption.

The news of the devastating natural disaster that hit America struck a chord with many people around world. In Kansas, 3 thousand cattle died when they were exposed to extreme heat in the summer season. The video of the death of the cattle was first shared on the Twitter by a farmer. Later it was confirmed by the officials that thousands of cows died in state but the exact figures are still unknown.


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