Home News Andra Escamilla, “Compañere”, shares her first photos on Fansly

Andra Escamilla, “Compañere”, shares her first photos on Fansly

Andra Escamilla, “Compañere”, shares her first photos on Fansly

Taking advantage of her viral moment on social networks, Andra has been gaining followers in social networks and was recently surprised with her image change, which motivated her audience to ask her to open an Andra Escamilla Fansly on April 9th.

Fansly is a web platform with exclusive content shared with fans such as OnlyFans, which works as a subscription service where content creators earn money through the subscriptions of their followers who, in return, have access to exclusive photos and videos uploaded by the creator.

Who is Andra Escamilla?

Andra Escamilla, better known as Andra Milla or ‘la compañere’, was one of the viral characters of 2021. Andra Escamilla is a non-binary person who has become popular, mainly on TikTok. She explains her name comes from the Greek “ándros” which means man, and she likes it to be spelled with an ‘A’ at the start and end. Andra believes the name sounds ‘cool’.
Andra Milla has since dedicated herself to defending inclusive language on social networks.

Andra Escamilla Fame

Andra Escamilla rose to fame after a conflict in her online classes during which a person referred to her as ‘compañera’ and not ‘compañere’. Taking advantage of her newfound popularity on social networks, Andra has been gaining followers and recently surprised her fans with her image makeover, which led many to urge her to open an OnlyFans account.

Andra Escamilla Fansly

On April 9, Andra decided to launch an account on Fansly, a web platform with adult content, which operates as a subscription service whereby content creators earn money through their followers’ subscriptions. In return, these followers receive access to exclusive photos and videos uploaded by the creator.

On her page, she promotes her posts with the message: “Enter AndraFansly, and you will find artistic photos of my body, cosplays, lingerie, body painting, and editorial-type photos.” Prices range from 218 to 320 pesos, depending on the package selected.

She had previously teased her fans with the prospect of opening an OnlyFans account, prompting many to urge her to do so. As promised, Andra opened her Fansly account on April 11 and already has almost 3 thousand followers.

Andra Escamilla Fansly posting schedule

On her page, she welcomes them with a brief description: “Enter AndraFansly! Posts Monday and Friday. Chat hours: 10 am to 12 pm and 4 to 6 pm. Artistic photos of my body, cosplays, lingerie, body painting, and editorial-type photos. You can order extra content without subscribing or with venti you get a discount.

Andra Escamilla Fansly pricing

All for a small price.” The prices for Andra Milla’s photos on Fansly are as follows: the basic package, “Para ti bb,” costs 11 dollars (218 pesos). This package gives access to all the content Andra uploads, such as Monday and Friday photos and videos, exclusive surveys for subscribers and updates.

The second premium package, “venti blanco,” is priced at 15.69 dollars (311 pesos), and, in addition to providing access to the content of the basic package, it includes an exclusive photo session every month, an exclusive mini video + intense every month, priority in messages and discounts on all PPV content. Subscribers also get additional discounts when they sign up for two months (5% discount), three months (10% discount) or six months (15% discount).

Andrea Escamilla Social Media

Andrea Escamilla Twitter

Compañere Twitter handle is @andra_milla. Elle has more than 17k followers as of January 2023, and Milla shares personal photos and memes on her Twitter account, although she isn’t very active on the platform.

Andrea Escamilla TikTok

According to Andrea Escamilla’s profile, her TikTok handle is @andramillanobi. She has more than 6.5k followers on the platform as of January 2023.

@andramillanobi #adventuretime #horadeaventura #fyp #vibes #lgbtq #andramilla ♬ Everything Stays (From “Adventure Time”) – Just Kids

Andrea Escamilla Instagram

Milla Instagram handle is @andramilla. Elle has more than 46.5k followers as of January 2023.

Andrea Escamilla YouTube

Her channel is @andramilla5071 on Youtube. She has 413 followers as of January 2023 and has only posted one video more than one year ago, which has 2.4k views.

Legal action against Andra Escamilla leaked content

Additionally, Andrea warns that she will take legal action against anyone who shares her photos from Andra Escamilla Fansly without her consent: “I will sue them for spreading my unclothed photos,” she wrote. Andra Milla uploaded her first photos to Fansly After announcing her account, Andra Milla, also known as compañere, uploaded her first pictures.

TikTok deleted Andra Escamilla account

In her TikTok social network, the compañere assured that every year she has sent a letter to her teachers requesting that the pronoun “elle” (“gender-neutral pronoun” in Spanish) be used when addressing her.

She later posted a video explaining that her name is Andra, not André or Andro, derived from the Greek word Andros, which means “man”.

In another of her videos, Andra explains how inclusive language works, noting that it changes over time, and as a gesture of inclusion, words that had a defined gender change their ending so that people feel comfortable with their identity.

However, in October, Andra Milla was banned from the TikTok platform for a possible violation of community standards. As soon as this happened, the young woman opened a new TikTok account, in addition to creating a Twitter profile, and opening a YouTube channel and Twitch, where she performs several streamings.

Andre Escamilla Boyfriend

As of January 2023, it is unknown whether Compañera is engaged in a relationship or not. We will update the page if there are any updates regarding Milla boyfriend.

Andre Escamilla Networth

It is unknown Compañera’s net worth as of now, 2023.


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