Anna Oop is well-known as a popular YouTuber, she is having a massive following on social media from all the platforms such as youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. She is now evolving all over social media and the internet because her fans are requesting her to do face reveal videos. She usually posts her content videos on youtube which are related to celebrity gossip by hiding behind cartoons without revealing her face.

Who is Anna Oop?

Anna Oop posts her regular content on youtube and till now she never revealed her face in any of her videos, she gained popularity and fame because of not revealing her face on social media. She attracted people towards her and wanted to let her fans stay excited to see her face. Many fans are commenting on her posts to reveal her face and do a face reveal video. Anna Oop creates unique content on youtube, she is one of the top influence creators in social media.

Anna Oop Age

Anna Oop’s real name is Anna Oop, she remained her original name on social media because she didn’t want to be a fake influencer. Though she is not revealing her face she wanted to stay her name original without any different username. Anna was born on 12th July 2000 in the United States and her current age is 21-years. Anna’s zodiac sign is cancer.


Anna Oop started her career as a social media influencer, and how she created a youtube channel and posts the content on celebrity gossip, updates, and their details on her channel. Right now, she owns 1.97 million subscribers on her youtube channel. She started her social media appearance in the year 2019 on October 21.

Anna Oop Face Reveal

Anna Oop till now did not reveal her face, in the same way, she did not reveal her personal information also like her family details and relationship status. But some source says that Anna Oop is single right now. Anna Oop is also a growing personality on Instagram.

Anna Oop Net Worth

Anna Oop’s net worth is $1 million. Her source of income is social media platforms such as youtube, due to her more reach of likes, and views, she is having a good amount of income. The beautiful girl earned lot of new susbcribers in the last few days after becoming viral on social media. Obviously she is a young girl but had not revealed her identity yet.


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