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During a recent concert in New York, singer Bebe Rexha experienced a distressing incident when she collapsed to the ground after being struck in the head by a fan’s phone. The incident, captured in fan-shot videos and shared on social media, has sparked concern and support from fans and the music community. This unfortunate occurrence highlights the need for respect and responsible behavior at live events, emphasizing the importance of creating a safe and enjoyable environment for performers.

The Incident and Fan Reactions

Bebe Rexha was performing at the Rooftop at Pier 17 as part of her Best F’n Night of My Life tour when a concertgoer threw a phone that struck her in the face. In videos circulating on social media, the Brooklyn-born singer can be seen approaching the front of the stage before the incident occurs. Fans expressed shock and disbelief at the incident, condemning the act and sending well wishes to Rexha for her recovery.

Support for Bebe Rexha

Fans and fellow musicians have rallied around Bebe Rexha, offering their support and condemning the inappropriate behavior of the fan who threw the phone. Many fans expressed their admiration for Rexha’s talent and unproblematic presence in the music industry, emphasizing that she did not deserve such treatment. The incident serves as a reminder of the need for concertgoers to respect boundaries and maintain a positive atmosphere during live performances.

Continuing Tour Dates

Despite the incident, Bebe Rexha plans to continue her tour, with four more dates scheduled, including performances in Philadelphia, Silver Spring, Atlanta, and Orlando. While the incident may have been unsettling, Rexha’s commitment to her fans and passion for her music remains strong.

Body Positivity and Online Criticism

In a separate social media post, Bebe Rexha addressed negative comments and body shaming she has faced online. She shared a screenshot of a search term related to her weight and expressed her disappointment at such comments. Rexha thanked those who support and love her unconditionally, highlighting the importance of acceptance and positivity.

Bebe Rexha at Staples CenterThe incident involving Bebe Rexha being struck in the head by a fan’s phone serves as a reminder of the need for concertgoers to exercise respect and responsibility. It also sheds light on the issue of online criticism and body shaming faced by artists. As Bebe Rexha continues her tour, let us rally behind her, promoting a safe and supportive concert environment and advocating for body positivity in the music industry.

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