Who was Ben Derose? Ben was the student of the NC state who died in an accident. It is a hit and run case in which he died. Ben was young guy who is a victim of the hit and run. He passed away on October 17, 2021 on the scene. The incident took place in Raleigh. Witnesses shared the other details and vehicle information the police and authority. The locals are demanding justice for the student and family.

Ben Derose student NC State

When we think about Ben, the first thing that comes to mind is his laugh. It was contagious and made you want to join in on whatever he was laughing at or with him. He had such an aura around him; when someone new joined our group they would feel like one of us within minutes! His sense humor helped bridge any gap between people from different backgrounds which made it so much easier for everyone else too because there wasn’t any fear involved- just pure comedy gold!.

The love goes out not only from one but also all who knew this amazing young man whom all will miss tremendously until forever more!!

Ben Derose Death Cause

Ben died in accident on October 17, 2021.

He was working as the general manager for the Jons Radical Roofing. He joined the company in 2016 and working in the different managing department. He was studying from the North Carolina State University. He studies were about to complete in 2022. Ben was training himself on the company projects.

He completed his high school studies form Saderson High School. He was the resident of the Raleigh, North Carolina, United States.

Ben was a young guy with multiple skills and talent in his domain. Ben Derose was the Research Technician Intern in the company named Pebble Labs Inc.

Ben Derose Go fund me

The family has lost a young boy and is in deep shock. The go fund me page has been made to raise the funds for Ben’s parents and family members. It is big loss for family. To help them financially, the people donating money and collecting funds to support and show their solidarity with family.

There is rage in the students and they protested in the university because this is hit and run case. We are seeing a rapid increase in deaths due to accidents in US. More information will be here soon about driver.


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