Home News Biden to Investigate Chinese ‘Smart Car’ Security Risks

Biden to Investigate Chinese ‘Smart Car’ Security Risks

Biden to Investigate Chinese ‘Smart Car’ Security Risks

In a world where smart cars roam the streets, the Biden administration has sounded the alarm on Chinese-made vehicles that could pose a threat to national security. These “smart cars” are not just your average set of wheels – they are equipped with technology that can collect sensitive information about American drivers, raising concerns about data privacy and security.

President Joe Biden, in a move to protect American data and prevent China from exploiting advanced technology in electric cars and connected vehicles, has launched an investigation into the potential risks posed by these vehicles. While the administration has not yet imposed a ban on Chinese imports, the possibility looms large as concerns mount over China’s unfair practices in the auto market.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo has highlighted the severity of the national security risk posed by connected cars, describing them as “smart phones on wheels” that gather a wealth of data on drivers, including personal and biometric information. The fear is that a foreign adversary like China could leverage this data to harm national security and invade the privacy of U.S. citizens.

But it’s not just about data collection – officials also warn of the potential for these connected vehicles to be remotely manipulated or controlled by malicious actors. Raimondo has painted a grim picture of cyber risks and espionage, with visions of Chinese-connected vehicles being disabled en masse by a mysterious force in Beijing.

While Chinese cars may be a rare sight on American roads today, the threat looms large, and officials believe that tariffs alone may not be enough to address the problem. The Commerce Department is gearing up to issue an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking, launching a full-fledged investigation into the national security risks associated with connected vehicles from China and other hostile nations.

This investigation is seen as a preemptive strike, aimed at tackling the issue before Chinese-manufactured vehicles flood the U.S. market. The goal is clear – safeguarding privacy and national security in an era where cars are increasingly reliant on cutting-edge technology that connects with personal devices, infrastructure, and manufacturers.

The Biden administration’s move comes at a time of heightened concern over China’s trade practices, with the European Union also looking into Chinese subsidies for electric vehicles. This investigation marks the first action taken by the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security under executive orders designed to shield domestic information and communication technology from national security threats.

By focusing on the national security risks posed by connected vehicles, the administration is aligning itself with a broader trend of addressing vulnerabilities arising from advanced technologies in critical infrastructure. The road ahead may be fraught with challenges, but by taking proactive steps to protect American data and privacy, the Biden administration is steering the nation towards a safer and more secure future.


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