It has been nearly five years since the world lost the beloved actor Luke Perry to a tragic stroke. Now, his close friend, Brian Austin Green, has opened up about his thoughts on Perry’s passing and why he sees it as a potentially favorable outcome.

In a deeply personal conversation on the “Comfort Food with Kelly Rizzo” podcast, 50-year-old Green spoke candidly about Perry’s untimely death. He revealed that Perry’s passing was a result of complications from brain swelling caused by the stroke. Green expressed his initial shock and dismay at the severity of the situation, noting the uncommon occurrence of strokes in someone as young as Perry, who was only 52 at the time.

As he reflected on his friend’s passing, Green shared a thought that many may find surprising. He admitted that he felt, in some ways, that Perry’s death may have been the best outcome for him. Green went on to explain that Perry was known for his quick wit, kindness, and generosity, and he feared that a prolonged recovery might have stripped Perry of these defining traits. “I think for recovery, possibly taking 4 years or near there, it would have been really, really difficult for him,” Green suggested.

Describing Perry’s character, Green emphasized the duality of Perry’s approach to life. He described Perry as someone who was all in, giving 100% of himself with no middle ground. For Perry, it was all or nothing, and Green admired his friend’s unwavering commitment to being true to himself.

What makes Green’s perspective on Perry’s passing even more poignant is the fact that he had recently experienced his own health scare, facing symptoms that mimicked a stroke. Green shared that his immediate reaction to Perry’s stroke was to offer support, as he felt uniquely equipped to understand and assist his friend through the ordeal. Perry’s passing left Green deeply saddened and shocked, as he had considered Perry to be like a brother and someone he had known long before their time on “Beverly Hills, 90210.”

As Green and Rizzo delved into the topic of grief, he shared that in times of mourning, people often search for silver linings in an effort to find comfort. Green advised that if a particular thought brings solace in the grieving process, then it is valid and should be embraced. He acknowledged the individual nature of grief and emphasized the importance of finding peace within one’s own thoughts. “You do you,” he concluded, recognizing that each person’s journey through grief is unique and valid in its own right.

The conversation between Green and Rizzo was a raw and deeply personal exploration of grief, loss, and the complexities of coming to terms with the passing of a loved one. Green’s candid and open-hearted reflections on his friend’s death shed light on the profound impact that Perry’s passing had on those who knew and loved him.

As the world continues to grapple with the loss of Luke Perry, Brian Austin Green’s perspective offers a nuanced and deeply human insight into the complexities of grief and the deeply personal nature of mourning. He reminds us that in the face of loss, finding moments of solace—even in the most unexpected places—is an essential part of the healing process.

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