Canadian Sniper Wali Dead – Wiki, Bio, Age and Death Cause

In the recent news, many of us have read something about the famous Canadian Sniper ‘Wali’. He recently joined the Russia-Ukraine war. People were really keen to know more about the achievements of this soldier. But apparently, the news strike the headlines that the Canadian Sniper ‘Wali’ is no more. He is dead. We do not have any confirm sources yet, but the news is making social media appearance and spreading fast.

Who is Sniper Wali?

Wali, a former Canadian army sniper, can kill 40 people in someday. According to records, he came in Ukraine with 3 former Canadian soldiers on March 4. Wali is not the boxer’s actual name. This moniker was offered to him by the Afghans. His real identity is unknown. He fought in Kandahar from 2009 until 2011. Wali is both a computer scientist and a boxer.

Why is he called one of deadliest sniper?

He appears to declare the world document for the longest validated kill, having actually shot an Islamic State fighter in Mosul from over 3.5 kilometres far-off utilizing a McMillan Tac-50 rifle. Wali is the world’s most feared as well as dangerous as an outcome of his ability to murder 40 targets in a solitary day. A proficient sniper is believed to obtain 5 to 6 eliminates daily, whereas a superb sniper may get 7 to 10 kills per day.

Canadian Sniper Wali in Ukraine

As per the reports, he joined the hands with Russia to fight in Ukraine.

Even though we have catered all the information we could on the Canadian Sniper Wali, we are still unware of the genuine news or relation of his death. Some sources confirm that he is no more, while some are yet to confirm it. The media or the government hasn’t made any confirmation on this death yet. Don’t worry, stay tuned with us for more information relating to ‘Wali’ life. We will update you each moment that is going on through the Russia-Ukraine war to keep you entertained.

Is he dead or not?

We hope that if he is really dead, then his bravery for fighting for his country remains intact. War isn’t the solution always, but he played his part well to serve what he was commended for.

We are also getting the news from the sourced that the sniper killed in Ukraine. No media source yet confirmed this report. Sniper Wali is one of the most deadliest snipers in world.



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