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Cassandra Delos Santos is a personality whose Facebook account is active. But why this name is trending into social media. Her most recent video went viral after it was posted online, with followers sharing the footage via YouTube or Facebook to their friends in order for them too see what all of this fuss was about! It didn’t take long before Julia received many new Instagram fans following suit; soon enough everyone wanted a piece (or maybe even majority?) Cassandra Delasantos name is also linked with the scandal but why? What is the whole story circulating on web?

Who is Cassandra Delasantos?

According to the Youtube channel, Cassandra is new vlogger and youtuber personality. She used to make and upload travel videos. In short time, she gathered subscribers on YouTube videos. As per the Facebook profile, she is a model at the Avon Philippines. Her nickname is kimmy. She completed her education from the University of Rizal System. On checking her profile, we found that her most recent post has been deleted because of policy-violation of platform.

Cassandra Delasantos is a trending personality in Philippines. No one had an idea that her life would be full of surprises. She never could have predicted how things will change after the new video surfaced on web.

Julia Ostan is a web star whose name is in news because of the latest blue eyes scandal but we unbale to gather any information of the Cassandra Delasantos. The name is also circulating on along with the video and viral content. Soon the information of it will be shared here in this post.

Cassandra Delos Santos Viral video

When she emerged out of nowhere with a photo that caused an internet sensation, no one could have predicted the popularity this would generate. In just days time since it was posted to Instagram and Twitter has Household name status for model/actress Philippines who is currently trending.

Julia Ostan got quick popularity in the fans. The viral video is also being circulated with other name of ‘Blue eyes scandal’. Everyone is trying to figure out the truth and reality behind this controversy. Directly or indirectly, it seems that both names are linked to other. The facts will come out after little investigation on social media.

Cassandra started job as model and also experienced in choreography. The video of Ostan is somehow linked with Cassandra as per rumors on Facebook.

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