Thursday, September 22, 2022
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Jelly Kid Face reveal of Minecraft player, age and real name

Minecraft’ Jelly Kid Official Face Reveal and Identity Jelly Kid of Minecraft subscribers has just recently reached an appreciable number. Now, they are a huge family of over one million subscribers. That has already ensured...

Twitch Justaminx Age, Fansly, Tiktok, Height, Instagram

Popular banner 'JustaMinx' broke down in a YouTube video after her 2nd ban from Twitch, asserting the site has actually warned her that her following restriction will certainly be irreversible. On February 7, JustaMinx...
beautie_ twitch

Twitch: Beautie_ Real Name, Age, Birthday, Tiktok, Net Worth

Everything You Need to Know About beautie is a famous Twitch star whose fans adore her raunchy Minecraft videos. In just a few days she has amassed tens of lots of views and is...
Gorgc Age

Gorgc Wiki, Age, Twitch, Dota 2, YouTube, Net Worth

Gorgc is a very popular Twitch streaming channel having more than 400,000 followers. The channel was created by Janne Stefanovski who is a former professional player and Dota 2 Twitch streamer. Do you want...
Itsawdee Age

Itsawdee Face Reveal, Age, Twitch, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Hey guys! Do you want to know about the popular twitch channel Itsawdee? There are thousands of people who admire the skills of this gaming player. Itsawdee is a twitch channel operated by a...
100t steel

Valorant 100T Steel Age, Wife, Height, Net Worth, Instagram

100t Steel is world famous twitch streamer who basically plays the game Valorant. His real name is Joshua Nissan. 100t steel is an expert of the Valorant gameplays and us known for the 100 thieves....
100t asuna age

100T Asuna Age, Real Name, Height of Valorant Player

100T Asuna is the featured player of the Valorant game. Valorant is a FPS game which which if of the competitive genre and loved by the many young guys. Asuna is the professional player...
zentreya age

Vtuber Zentreya Voice, Age, Face Reveal of Twitch Star

Zentreya is an English VTuber and streamer who made her debut on November 26th, 2017. She was self-produced for over three years before joining the VTuber Idol group VShojo as a member of the...
pink sparkles age

Asmongold Girlfriend Pink Sparkles Age, Instagram, Height, Net Worth

Asmongold is an American streamer, who is famous for his World of Warcraft gameplay. So after some time, he decided to watch his own stream and saw that they were the platforms that he...

Is Projekt Melody Real Identity? Face Reveal, Wiki, Twitch

We are back with the new vtuber personality whose name is Projekt Melody. Is this a true identity or just a fake account on the social media? Projekt Melody is the virtual personality of...