Very unusual things happen around the world, and we are tend to rise our voice against them. Apparently, there was an assault and rape, the victim was a famous actress Charlotte Arnould. After 2 weeks of incident, she finally rose her voice. The accused person is Gerard Depardieu. The legal team of Gerard tried to waive of the charges on the actor, but unfortunately, it wasn’t possible. The Paris court had enough evidence against Gerard to rule against him.

Who is Charlotte Arnould?

Charlotte Arnould accused Gerard Depardieu of statutory offense a year to the time due to the fact that the star was actually demanded along with tackling her. She went public on Twitter saying she was violated by Gerard Depardieu. According to the complaint, it was uncovered that she was actually assaulted on August 7, 2018, as well as August 13, 2018.

Charlotte Arnould Career

The video clip has been filmed after they were viewed chatting and also resting with one another. Evidently, the 25-year-old starlet had headed to his estate to acquire suggestions to make her future brilliant yet entering your house of the star has lowered her personal health and professional career. While the actress stayed peaceful about the event for 2 full weeks, she opened concerning the accident to her mother and she went onto the police to state versus the actor.

Charlotte Arnould Instagram

Depardieu had actually explained in a 1978 job interview that he possessed lots of statutory offenses. In a follow-up meeting, he had actually revealed that statutory offense was usual back in those days. Depardieu is 73-year-old. Charlotte Arnould is actually offered on Instagram as @_charlottearnould_ Her 508 messages could be viewed by her 6,496 followers.

Charlotte Arnould Parents

Charlotte Arnould has a personal account. Charlotte Arnould’s total assets is actually certainly not figured out. Having said that, she is an ambitious actress having experience in a number of short films, clips, theatre acting, and also voiceover. We hope that Charlotte Arnould get her justice served and she comes out of the trauma that happened against her. For more information, stay tuned for more information on the relating case.

Fans are also very excited to know the Charlotte Arnould parents and family. Charlotte Arnould shared about her life and incident in an official interview. Many users supported her after knowing her story. Now she is standing strong to face all the difficulties in life. Also she got lot of support from the users on social media.


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