What happened to the cheerleader Eric Ortiz. Know her cause of death and obituary news

Videos getting leaked is nothing new nowadays. People make it viral quite easily. It just needs to reach the social media platforms. The leaked videos make the celebrities get the fame. Sometimes you can call this as a negative fame.

It is quite interesting how the piece of news looks like. It is now another news that another famous celebrity who has been caught in this video leaking scandal. Here we are talking about a very famous volleyball player. If you are wondering who is the player in this case then you should know in this post. It is quite interesting.

Who was the cheerleader Eric Ortiz?

The volleyball player is the one we are talking about here. She has been a player of top class and we cannot ignore the fact about that. The name of the player is Laura Schumacher and the video about her is quite interesting.

The video of Eric Ortiz is shocking the people around the world and this video is trending to be honest as of now. If you search about this video and learn about her updates then you will be shocked to like the whole internet world around you, without any doubts.

Eric Ortiz Cause of death

As soon as the video is leaked, it started to make rounds in various social media platforms quite smoothly. The video of Eric Ortiz is trending in Reddit, and Twitter. This video might stay in memories for quite long without any doubt.

It is not easy to track how many videos are getting viral quite easily. You might never have any idea regarding all these videos. Keep glued to this post to know more. We will update the link when it goes more viral and we get the genuine link soon.

The new is very heartbreaking for the family as the young cheerleader passed away. A lot of fans paid tribute to the cheerleader on the social media. The cause of death and reason is not disclosed as the family will share the more details soon on the death cause and news. Eric was a very brave girl. Her death is a shocking moment for the family and friends. Also there is an investigation in this case to discover the truth. The funeral ceremony details will be shared soon here on the page.


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