Clesi Crochet is the Assistant to the Head Coach and Football Operations at Auburn University. She is working to organization for more than a year. She is in the news because of rumored news circulating on social media. The rumor is that the head coach of University is having an affair with Clesi Crochet. The coach has been fired from its position. No official statement yet released from either side. The fans are debating on this topic on social media. The news story is developing in media. Read on to know the full news on Clesi Crochet and Bryan Harsin wife and family.

Who is Clesi Crochet?

Clesi Crochet is working as the Assistant to the Head Coach (Bryan Harsin) and Football Operations at Auburn University. Clesi is a young lady who is serving in this field for many years. She started her career with Boise State Head Football Coach. She completed the degree in Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. Also she received certificate in the sports and cultural innovations.

She is from Alabama, United States. She also worked as the dancer teacher in the beginning of the career. Clesi is also available on the Instagram profile.

Clesi Crochet affair with Bryan Harsin

The head coach Bryan Harsin faced blacklash for an affair with Clesi Crochet. Bryan had not said anything on these allegations. The University already started an investigation in this case.

Bryan Harsin is a well-known coach in United States. The football fans are shocked over these rumored allegations.

Clesi Crochet is having over thousands of followers on Instagram. She was also the part of the Boise State Athletics.

Bryan Harsin is a married coach. While we have no information of the Clesi Crochet’s boyfriend and dating life. She is single and not dating anyone in life.

Clesi Crochet Instagram

The news is breaking on social media about the relationship between Clesi and Bryan. Harsin’s wife name is Kes Harsin. In 2013, she began her career with Arkansas State University. Kes and Bryan also have kids.

In reply to the latest allegations, Bryan’s wife responds to the rumors. She is with her husband. The affair news are just rumors circulating on social media.

The fans also responded to the news. The Bryan’s wife and family said that they are aware of the rumors. And the rumored allegation are not true. Celsi is yet release her official statement in public.


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