Jesse McCree is now Cole Cassidy. The developer of Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment announced this via Twitter on Friday and it will start appearing in game starting October 26th. The fans of the game are continusouly looking for the mystery behind the new name of the character. Why Blizzard entertainment changed the name? The reason for it is mentioned in the paragraph. They decided to change the name of the Mccree for some reasons. It was necessary as they do no have permission to use it in the game.

In the wake of a lawsuit, Blizzard removed all references to developers and former employees from McCree. The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed suit against parent company Activision for fostering “frat boy culture” that sexually harassed female workers; they called this practice gender-based discrimination in July 2018 which is three months before changing his name.

In the wake of recent changes to McCree, developers say it is time for a new name. The Overwatch team announced that they would be changing their hero’s moniker and impacting an upcoming in-game narrative arc which focused on him/her afterall: “it’s necessary” according them “to better represent what [overwatch] stands for.”

The new Overwatch game has a reference to its former director, who left the company earlier this year. In one of their pizza shops on an NYC map you can see Jeff Kaplan’s signature from when he worked there before leaving for other endeavors
It seems like they’re continuing his work through these references even though it isn’t directly related but still paying homage!

The Overwatch team just announced that they will be renaming their hero, McCree. The new name for this character? Cole Cassidy!

The famous gunslinger formerly know as Jesse is now able to ride into battle once again on Christmas Day with his original moniker intact well. We think so at least but you can call him whatever form sounds good for your game after all these changes are made official come Ovtober 20th when patch goes live in preparation of Season 4 coming soon enough.

For years, Cole Cassidy rode the range and lived by his lone. But when Overwatch came calling with an invitation to return home for good? He couldn’t say no – even if it meant giving up on who he used be or what mattered most in life. We hope that Overwatch would love this name and character.


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