Derrion “Dmuney”, a popular Memphis comedian whose jokes are often inappropriate and made joke about the death of rapper Young Dolph. He was murdered one day after making this comment in reference to him on social media video.

One day ago we received several reports about fans discussing the comments of the comedian which he made. The sudden death of the comedian started a new controversy on social media. DMuney was a known local personality as a comedian in the fans. As per reports, his death is linked to the affiliates of Young Dolph. Get full report on it here.

Who was DMuney?

MTO News which is local media covered that his death may be linked to the 11th murder in Memphis, Tennessee. The streets believe this was either retaliation or due respect for a fallen rapper who has been killed by affiliates from Young Dolph’s crew. The police also investigating this case as this is a murder case.

Actually DMuney made some comments on social media which made Young Dolph’s fans feel hurt.

Dmuney’s post about the comments from “street” dudes who wanted him to take down the video. Eventually, after much complaining complied but by then it seems too late.

Why comedian DMuney killed?

Last night, Memphis street rapper Derrion “Dmuney” Childs was shot and killed by unknown gunmen in an execution-style attack. Young Dolph has been rapping for years but only recently gained recognition after releasing music videos that went viral online including one which accumulated more than 50 million views on YouTube alone. Police are currently investigating this case with no leads or suspect information available at this time.

The comedian’s death started a new discussion among rapper’s fans. The police is working on this case and will soon reach to the conclusion.

The rapper was recently died in shooting.

Death Cause

In a typical display of social media tendencies, Dmuney’s fans have flooded the comments section with “Dolph” after he passed.

Young Dolph’s Instagram is filled with his fans commenting on the reported death of Young D, leaving laughing emojis and sharing disrespectful comments about him.

We are all very sad to hear about comedians passing. We will update you as soon more information is released, but for now please join us in praying that he can rest easy and know how much love surrounds him during this difficult time. More details will come after police investigation in case.


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