The famous Comic Star David Baddiel’s father Colin Baddiel death, what is the reason? How people responded to this ? As we all know on 18 January, 2022 Colin Baddiel, the documentary star and the father of David Baddiel died because of the rare type of Dementia disease called Pick’s disease. David Baddiel announced in a tweet. It is assumed that the reason behind Colin Baddiel death was Dementia.

The dementia disease, with which he was fighting since many years, took his life at last after continuous care and treatment. The long time disease was like a battle to the Colin Baddiel and his family.

The acknowledgement of this disease was know in 2017,when David Baddiel was working in a documentary. He also told about this in the Sunday News magazine. He took a stand for all patient of this disease during this.

Colin Baddiel was married to Sarah Baddiel and also had 3 sons, in which David was the second one. And Ivor was eldest and Dan was youngest son. In 2014, his mother also died. After that David Baddiel had to tackel both things his mother’s death and his father’s disease. It seems that the dementia disease is not easy to tackle with.

The disease made him unstained and prone to rudeness. His family had to face a lot of problems. He had to go through a hard times. After stating this, he also thanked all of his fans for comforting him. People showed their concern regarding the death of Colin Baddiel. They comforted the Heart of Colin Baddiel by comforting and strength building messages.

David Baddiel also thanked many people who had been a supporting hand to him, in the course of the treatment and taking care of his father. The battle wasn’t easy for Colin Baddiel and the result is unbelievable. This battle atlat took his life. Colin Baddiel the documentary star’s death is unbelievable. People have shown their tribute to him by caring messages and obituary news for him.

David Baddiel is a popular comedian and television star in country. He has total of 123K followers on Instagram. The death news of comedian’s dad shocked everyone on social media. The fans paid tribute to Colin Baddiel on the social media.

The David Baddiel’s total net worth is dollar 2 million. He made his fortune from reality comedy Tv show. A lot of fans supported comedian in this tough time. Will have more news soon.


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