Sports is a lovely boost to life, and a career in it can be promising. Dedication brings up fame, same to the life of Eve Muirhead. She is a great Scottish Athlete and a professional curler. Eve Muirhead became well known after becoming world champion few years ago. As the time passes by, people are been interested in sports more than ever. Currently everyone is keen to know about Eve’s personal life especially if she is dating someone or not. The information is yet to be released, so let’s see what we know about it.

Eve Muirhead Age

Eve Muirhead was born on 22nd April 1990. The 31 years old athlete has been constantly inspiring people with her talent in sports. She has two brothers, Glen and Thomas. Her father himself was a professional curler, his name was Gordon. He was one of the starting pitcher who brought the sport into Olympics. Looks like we found the reason behind the inspiration of Eve choosing curling as the sport. Her father won silver medals in the year 1992, 93, 95.

Eve Muirhead as Curler

Eve grew in Blair Atholl. In the initial years of her life, she trained herself for years in golf. Once she understood her talent in sports, she took it seriously. On 14th of June 2010, she got a chance to finally take her career to professional platform. She received scholarship and her career took off. Her main focus was to destine her life to Curling. Later in the years, her talent was seen for international platform, and she was given the chance to prove herself.

Eve Muirhead Married or not

Looks like Eve Muirhead is really conservative for her personal life. We have almost no clue and information relating to her relationship. In fact, she haven’t shared much about her family life. Currently it looks like she is focusing on her career more than anything. As per some sources, she is currently single. We have almost no information relating to her past relationships. The athlete likes to keep her personal life under the closet. Stay tuned for more information on her relationship status.

Eve Muirhead Net Worth

Eve Muirhead is a professional athlete who is a newcomer to the Olympics. She has total net worth of approx. dollar 200K. Her presence also increasing on social media. She has over 51K followers on Instagram. You can find her latest pictures and family on the social media profile.


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