Dhony Rahajoe – Who Is Deputy Head of the IKN Authority?

Great power brings responsibility that is unimaginable. We have to focus on the people who supports and bring justice to it. We are going to read about one such person named Dhony Rahaoe, he was recently announced as the Deputy Head of the IKN Authority. It is surely a remarkable honour, and you will know about everything relating to it here.

Who is Dhony Rahajoe?

Dhony Rahajoe, who is actually well-recognized as a senior at the Sinar Mas Land Company, will definitely be much more widely called the Deputy Head of the IKN Authority.

Rahajoe is a famous Indonesian personality that offers as a Managing Director of Sinar Mas Land’s President Office. Rahajoe can also be actually addressed as a professional number of a non-politician body. Rahajoe will be actually commenced by President Joko Widodo as Deputy Head of the IKN Authority, while Bambang Susantono are going to be kept as Head of IKN Authority on March 10, 2022.

Dhony Rahajoe Education

Additionally, Rahojoe is actually additionally detailed as general secretary at the Bandung Institute of Science Technology (ITSB) Management Board. The base is had through Sinar Mas Land, which started the ITSB College. ITSB is actually an educational institution that is assisted and also situated amongst the Sinar Mas Land’s ventures, Kota Deltamas Cikarang, as a manifestation of the partnership of the Bandung Institue of Technology (ITB).

Dhony Rahajoe Work and career

Dhony Rahajoe has not splashed his specific birth details on any media currently. Therefore, Dhony’s actual grow older is not known to date. Nevertheless, Rahajoe seems someplace in his 40s or even 50s. Very little regarding Rahajoe is called off right now. It looks that Dhony suches as residing his life far from the media and also does not have a tendency to share his personal details to public. Rahajoe ordered globally interest as the information escalate that President Jokowi will definitely be ushering in the Head of Authority as well as Deputy Head of the IKN Authority on March 10.

So, we see that you are all pumped up with all the genuine details about the new deputy head. We hope that he serves justice to his role and post and brings prosper to people who lead him to this journey. For any more information, please stay tuned, we would update every inch as we get it so check again later.


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