Saruei is a famous Vtuber personality who appears in the streams and live Twitch. Her face reveal and identity is a big mystery but the latest information about her is that she is joining the Fansly platform. At the platform, Saruei will connect with fans and may also reveal her real name and face to the fans. She has over 160k followers on the Instagram. Saruei is also a Youtuber personality who posts content on gaming and anime clips. Read this article carefully to know more facts about the woman behind “Sarui face.”

Saruei Age

Name: Saruei
Birth Date: April 18th
Place of Birth: Not exactly confirmed
Age: 20 to 25 years
Nationality: NA
Is she single?: Yes
Net worth: $110-$210K
Profession: Vtuber and Youtuber

Saruei face reveal

Saruei is a vtuber personality and she had not yet revealed her identity and face to the fans. We hope that she will soon announce her real life name. She is from French native. Saruei has big fan following on Twitch platform and Instagram.

She is an expert art streamer and graphics content creator.

The artist prefers not to use her name, instead opting for the moniker Saruei.

As many of you know by now I’m famous enough that people call me “Sarai” sometimes when they want something from me or need advice about how best navigate through life’s complicated decisions.

Saruei on Twitch

Her love for art and gaming led to her being an excellent Twitch streamer, but it was the sexy characters that would soon make Saruei famous. She joined Twitter in March 2016 where she began posting drawings of varying media from video games or anime which quickly became a favorite among fans looking at their favorite vtubers getting drawn into something more enticing than just clothes.

Saruei Real name and Instagram

Saruei real name is Rael.

The Instagram account of Saruei has 50k followers and she has made many graphic content posts on the profile. She makes money from her live videos and ads monetiztion on the different platforms. Her art is often combined with video games, making it the perfect match for her.

Saruei Net Worth

The vtuber Saruei’s net worth is $250K.

She is making good revenue monthly from live streams on the Twitch. Now, vtuber is joining Fansly to communicate and connect with the fans.

Fansly is a platform where fans can talk and share with their favorite stars and celebs.


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