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Elden Ring: How To Get Mushroom Armor Set & Locations

Elden Ring: How To Get Mushroom Armor Set & Locations

You must get yourself the Mushroom Armor in Elden Ring while you happen to plot on exploring. Lots of the spaces of this sport are full of swimming swimming swimming pools of poison and ones that deal scarlet rot. Thus it will actually carefully impede your exploration or getting to puts. And that’s where this armor set is available on the market in. It gained’t be a suite that will provide you with excellent protection against physically or magic attacks. However the use of it will actually grant you round 243 to 245 immunity. So in this data allow us to substantiate the spaces where yow will discover the Mushroom Armor Set in Elden Ring.

How one can Get Mushroom Armor Set in Elden Ring

elden ring where to find mushroom set

You’ll get the Mushroom Armor Set all through the cavern with the Large Poison Flower within Seethewater Cave. Uniquely ok that’s an armor all through the sport that has trade head choices. So while you happen to don’t very similar to the Mushroom Head you’ll be capable to alternate it with the Mushroom Crown. The Mushroom Crown headpiece could possibly be discovered on a corpse all through the south-eastern corner of Lake of Rot. Here’s how you can get each and every of them. You’ll want to additionally elevate with you a Stonesword Key, it’s necessary to it for buying the armor set.

Mushroom Armor Set Location

mushroom armor set location

  1. Rapid adventure to the Seethewater River internet website online of grace.
  2. From the location, get started going north.
  3. You might be getting into into among the finest trail while you happen to go back all over erupting floor.
  4. Subsequent, you’ll uncover some corpse-like enemies in front of you, cross east from correct proper right here in path of the white foggy cave.
  5. The doorway is guarded by way of an enemy, remove them.
  6. Subsequent, use the Stonesword key at the Imp Statue Seal.
  7. Head contained throughout the cave and in addition you’ll reach Seethewater Cave internet website online of grace.
  8. Relaxation correct proper right here since the realm forward is filled with poison. There’s an atmosphere pleasant likelihood it’s necessary to to rapid adventure correct proper right here somewhat numerous circumstances.
  9. Head north from the location and leap down.
  10. Subsequent, cross west.
  11. Now, leap down two additional circumstances. You should reach the world full of a pool of poison.
  12. Head north then as temporarily as all through the open cross southwest.
  13. You must see mushroom enemies, you’ll be capable to combat or simply run previous them.
  14. Succeed in down and in addition you’re going to get to a dry cave full of rats.
  15. Stay running directly then cross east.
  16. You are going to once additional discover additional mushroom enemies and would possibly finally discover the room with the Large Poison Flower.
  17. The Mushroom Armor Set is solely beside it.

Mushroom Crown Location

mushroom crown location

  1. Rapid adventure to the Lake of Rot Shoreside internet website online of grace.
  2. Subsequent, cross south, you must handle going even all through the scarlet lake.
  3. You are going to reach the world where there are platforms and would possibly see a development in front of you.
  4. Stay going southeast.
  5. You’ll wait at the platforms to scale back scarlet rot buildup. However you’ll maximum certainly be suffering from it until you used a remedy for it.
  6. Right here you’ll discover Basilisks, they’re frog-like creatures with huge eyes.
  7. Run previous them and climb the tilted pillar.
  8. Whenever you reach the easiest, turn north and cross in path of the improvement.
  9. Right here yow will discover the Mushroom Crown on a corpse placing from a pillar.
  10. Climb at the pillar and also you’ll get it.

The Mushroom Armor has the next stats when used with Mushroom Head:

  • Immunity: 243
  • Robustness: 57
  • Focal point: 214
  • Energy: 181
  • Poise: 2
  • Weight: 12.1

It has the next stats when used with Mushroom Crown:

  • Immunity: 246
  • Robustness: 92
  • Focal point: 194
  • Energy: 170
  • Poise: 11
  • Weight: 19

That covers this data at the spaces where yow will discover the Mushroom Armor in Elden Ring & get the Mushroom Crown. Since you wish to have having amusing with this sport be sure you strive our Elden Ring guides to get spaces of quite a lot of such armor pieces.

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