35 years old, PURERUBY 87, Is a famous hardcore video gamer, social influencer, You Tuber and well recognized by having a big chest. She is a social media influencer and a correction officer with thousands of followers On different social media platform. PureRuby 87 Was born in United States but has to leave this country because of some personal issues. She’s currently living in Italy. Know more of the Pureruby87 age, height, bio, photos and career.

About Pureruby87

According to some sources, we found that PureRuby 87 had a scary past. We got to know that her parents has not died but leave her in an orphanage. She passed in a statement, To sever the bridge is of my past, My parents did not die just left me do an orphanage. Which let us know that she had gone through with troublesome childhood.

Pureruby87 Instagram

Since childhood she loved to play video games. she is a massive video game player from the age of three. She played commander 64 at prior and her first video game was Chuckie egg. She is an introvert person with an outcast personality who loves to watch manga Series, Andy. She’s fond of books and also entertain herself by playing video games.

She is having and around 853k Followers on Instagram. she describes herself as a hardcore gamer but not as a model. Her social media wall contain the post related to the video games she played. Apart from them her each and every picture counter her chest area which might be one of the reasons for her popularity. She had gone through the breast implants after mastectomy and she opens up about her implants in public fearlessly.

Pureruby87 gains fans on Fansly

She puts her thought regarding her life partner that her life partner must understand her love for video games. He must be agreeing that it’s OK if she’s not doing nothing instead of playing video games for weeks. Apart from playing video games, she is a correction officer at an all women’s prison.

PureRuby 87 is a bisexual personality and she had been in a serious relationship with a woman ( name not reveal) at a time.

She has 868K followers on Instagram.

She’s an introvert person with a strong, silent type of personality. She spends most her time reading or playing video games in the comfort zone and loves to watch manga series on Netflix when she has downtime away from school/work.


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