The latest breaking news is that The Zodiac killer has been identified and the idenity has been revealed in the public. The Zodiac killer name is Gary F Poste. The sketch pictures are cirulating and being shared on on social media widely. We can huge activity and discussion on the Gary F Poste. We have also uploaded the pictures which you can seen. He is one most wanted criminal whose identity was not known or hidden till date. But finally the pictures had been shared. He is mainly known for the number of killings in 1960s. The suspect never caught by the police officials.

Who was Gary F Poste?

The Zodiac killer is the high profile name in the criminals world. The killer made merciless killings in United States city San Francisco. The movie Zodiac was also based on the true events and crime of the Zodiac killer. After the years of investigation, the revealed identity of killer is Gary F Poste.

Gary F Poste is the new trend topic on web and social media because of the actions of killings, terror and murder. He was a high profile killer who is in the top records of the investigation crime branch.

Gary F Poste Zodiac Killer

Gary F Poste is the zodiac killer who terrorized the San Francisco in 1962. He used to send the codes, encrypted messages and hidden signs because of which he escaped everytime from the police. No one was able to decode his plan and killings. He was one of the most notorious crimninals of the United States.

As per the investigations and reports, the police reached to a conclusion and identified Gary F Poste as the zodiac killer.

Is he still alive or dead? The reports claimed that the killer already passed away in 2018. He is not alive.

Obituary and Pictures

The coloured pictures are not yet available of the killer. The sketch pictures of Gary F Poste are circulating on web. Many users are sharing this mastermind criminal photos on their account. He was died in 2018.

His involvement was confirmed after the evidences found against him by investigators. It took a long time for the authorities to reach to conclusion in this high profile case of USA.

No more details have been shared on social media of the killer. His occupation, life and family details will be updated soon in this article. Till now only few facts are available.


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