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Genshin Impact: Best Ayaka Team Comps

Genshin Impact: Best Ayaka Team Comps

Genshin Affect introduced one in all its maximum OP characters Ayaka, the Ice Princess of the Kamisato Property. She is a strong persona who at the side of the appropriate partners can arm the workforce with reasonably numerous firepowers. All she needs is assist as she’s going to deal maximum harm jointly at the side of her totally utterly other attacks. This puts doubt all through the player’s heads as to which might be the highest Ayaka Group Comps in Genshin Affect. This information will unravel that doubt for the avid avid gamers.

Very best Group Compositions for Ayaka in Genshin Affect

Genshin Impact Best Team Compositions Ayaka

When paired with the appropriate associate, Ayaka will deal heavy harm on all enemies. So it’s lovely helpful if you happen to make the most of those Group compositions for Ayaka:

  • Mona
  • Diona
  • Kazuha
  • Rosaria
  • Barbara


Mona luggage a excellent taking a look Hydro application and while her Elemental Ability regularly applies Hydro at the enemies, it creates a secure channel for Ayaka to deal excessive harm.

Moreover, Ayaka is benefitted from the freeze skill of Mona, on account of it boosts her Important Charge. No longer only that nevertheless Ayaka’s Elemental Burst harm may also be amplified as a result of this.


Being a Cryo explicit individual, Ayaka can get the good thing about getting one other Cryo on her workforce and use the Cryo Resonance. Along side an build up in Important Charge through 15%, the wear and tear dealt through Ayaka includes excellent impact. Moreover, Diona can provide a shield and healing safety to Ayaka which can most likely be lovely helpful. This might be possibly the most productive workforce comps for Ayaka in Genshin Affect.


Kazuha gives excellent crowd management of enemies and presents excessive harm while lowering their resistance. Whilst he is an effective damager himself, his passive supportive enjoy might be lovely helpful for Ayaka. Kazuha can upload additional Cryo Injury to Ayaka.


Like Diona, Rosaria is a Cryo explicit individual and which means that she’s going to additionally create the Cryo Resonance with Ayaka. Rosaria is a safe passive assist and no doubt the most productive power turbines. She will be able to move on 15% Important harm to Ayaka as a part of her Elemental Burst. This is an added bonus to Ayaka who presents reasonably numerous essential harm.


Barbara jointly at the side of her Elemental Ability can observe Hydro to the enemies that Ayaka touches while additionally healing her. Ayaka can use her charged attacks way more as Barbara supplies a minor Stamina low price.

That’s all you want from this knowledge at the Very best Ayaka Group Comps in Genshin Affect. Whilst you have to be right kind proper right here, you should definitely attempt our Genshin Affect guides, methods, and concepts with Gamer Tweak.


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