Home News Girl In The Picture: What Happened To Suzanne Marie Sevakis Sisters Alison And Amy?

Girl In The Picture: What Happened To Suzanne Marie Sevakis Sisters Alison And Amy?

Girl In The Picture: What Happened To Suzanne Marie Sevakis Sisters Alison And Amy?

The mystery surrounding the younger lady’s death and her son’s kidnapping is published in Woman all over the Image.

In 1975, when Sharon Marshall was once simply six years old-fashioned, her stepfather and long run husband Franklin Floyd abducted her.

With out even knowing that Suzanne Sevakis was once her exact resolve, she passed away in 1990.

To be able to maintain “Sharon” underneath his management for the foreseeable long run, Franklin had additionally abducted her sisters.

Within the Netflix documentary Woman In The Image, Alison and Amy are said as Suzanne’s sisters. Sandra Chipman, a mythical significant other of Franklin Delano, was once their mom.

Suzanne Marie Sevakis

Woman In The Image: What Came about To Suzanne Marie Sevakis Sisters Alison And Amy?

Alison and Amy’s stepfather, Franklin, left them in a kids’s house when Suzanne’s mom was once located in a kids’s house after receiving a 30-day prison sentence for presenting a counterfeit learn about.

After serving a prison sentence for signing a “dangerous test,” Sandi was once surprised to hunt out Franklin had abducted her kids and escaped. At that time, issues became unsightly.

Unfortunately, Franklin stored on having an affect on Suzanne, treating her like his daughter and giving her the style new resolve of Sharon Marshall.

Sharon and Floyd moved to New Orleans in 1989, where Floyd had them legally declared married and assumed the names Clarence Hughes and Tonya.

The identification in their brother Phillip, who was once lacking till he acquired proper right here ahead in 2019, was once finally established through a DNA examine.

Suzanne Marie Sevakis Sisters Alison And Amy: The place Are They Now?

In keeping with Sandi all over the Netflix unique, “I right away went to the police station and steered them (officials Brandon/ Franklin) had abducted my children.

She claimed to have came upon her daughters Allison and Amy in a space children’s place of dwelling run through a church.

Amy and Allison seem to be adults now. Along with their mother, her 3rd husband, and other half-siblings, they’re at this time residing in Virginia.

It’s alleged that the two women, who’re each and every in their early 50s, have sizable, loving families of their own.

Suzanne Marie Sevakis Oldsters & Circle of relatives

On September 6, 1969, in Livonia, Michigan, Suzanne Marie Sevakis was once born to Sandi Chipman and Clifford “Cliff” Ray Sevakis.

Sandi gave provide to Phillip, Amy, and Allison right through her 2nd marriage to Dennis Brandenburg (now 51 years old-fashioned).

In spite of simply being half-siblings, they’ve been close. So even social providers made up our minds they couldn’t separate them when Sandi bumped into issues.

Later, their mom wed Franklin, who was once if truth be told Brandon Williams at the time. Sandi would surrender her kids to the gadget when she was once dissatisfied.


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