Hamdi Bouta Video Goes Viral on Social Media Twitter and Reddit

Hamdi Bouta died in May 2018, just over a year after his family scheduled a private funeral for him in the summer of 2017. According to a video on Hamdi Bouta WhatsApp showing the Russian-speaking man pounding the sledgehammer with his fist, the victim’s relatives acquired a copy of the tape. We’d like to tell you about a group of Syrian journalists from the al-Jessr daily who are currently examining the situation.

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According to the study, the first video had emerged on the internet for at least a year by the spring of 2018, and the connection between the al-Shaer event and the Wagner group fiducial human rights activists in Syria and France to try to raise awareness about the incident in Moscow 96.

There is little information available concerning their alleged ties to the Wagner Group. Despite the Kremlin’s repeated denials of any direct contact between the Russian government and the operators of Russia’s private military and security organizations operating in Syria, enough evidence suggests otherwise.

There is considerable circumstantial evidence that at least two of the Russian men seen in the video harassed Hamdi Bouta at the al-Sheer camp, and the US attack on the Wagner group column occurred on 7 April. This year in May, The connections between the two events-the al-Shaer tragedy and the Battle of Khasham in Deir Ezzor-are not direct, but they do exist in a tight network of Russian businesses, private military companies, and security corporations. Before being sent to Syria, they spent time together in Donbas.

The first two minutes of the video were shown on the evening of June 30, 2017. According to the video, a gang of Russian-speaking guys sledgehammer a man on the limbs. Only a fraction of the video was seen, and the faces of 100 assailants were concealed. Employees of Wagner were supposedly engaged, however this was never established. The identity and other specifics are also unclear. According to a trustworthy media source, Bouta’s relatives learned of his death less than a year after a video leaked online in May 2018. More information will be made accessible when it becomes available.


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