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HardWoodBabyy is the recently announced world’s No. 1 ranked woodworking influencer by the OutKick Culture Department. But who exactly is this mysterious figure shaking up the woodworking industry on Instagram? Check everything about HardWoodBabyy here.

Who is HardWoodBabyy?

According to her bio, HardWoodBabyy, also known as Wood Bunni, picked up woodworking from her father who taught her the ropes using a Skilsaw for a 5th-grade wood project. She then went on to study Fine Art & Photography in university and launched her business, Stain & Ink, in 2021. Now, Wood Bunni is making a name for herself with her beautiful and high-quality wood creations, and her mission is to produce “heirloom quality pieces for the home to treasure and enjoy.”

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The Road to the Top for HardWoodBabyy

HardWoodBabyy’s journey to the top of the woodworking influencer world is one of perseverance and determination. From learning the craft from her father with a Skilsaw in her hand, to studying Fine Art & Photography in university and launching her business, Stain & Ink, in 2021. Wood Bunni’s passion for woodworking never wavered, as she continued to explore various art forms as a hobby while working as a personal trainer after graduation.

It wasn’t until 2020 that HardWoodBabyy’s passion and hard work started to pay off and she got the opportunity to showcase her talents to a wider audience. Now, she has become the world’s No.1 ranked woodworking influencer and her heirloom quality pieces are sought after by many.

HardWoodBabyy’s Woodworking Vision

HardWoodBabyy is more than just an influencer, she is a true artist who has a clear vision for her craft. Her mission is to produce “heirloom quality pieces for the home to treasure and enjoy” using locally sourced materials and hardwoods. She believes in creating pieces that will last for generations, something that can be passed down and cherished by families for years to come.

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In addition to her beautiful, high-quality creations such as $245 walnut bath trays and $300 jewelry boxes, Wood Bunni also shares her knowledge and experience through her blog, where she shares tips and tutorials on how to make your own table saw station. She wants to inspire others to take up woodworking and create their own beautiful pieces.

Her unique approach to woodworking, her focus on creating heirloom quality pieces, and her desire to inspire and educate others sets HardWoodBabyy apart as a leader in the woodworking community.

Criticism Against HardWoodBabyy’s Influencer Rank

Despite her recent accolade as the world’s No. 1 ranked woodworking influencer, HardWoodBabyy has faced some criticism from within the woodworking community. Some have raised concerns about her adherence to OSHA rules, specifically with regards to her dress and lack of eye protection.

It is important to note that influencers should always prioritize safety when creating content and Wood Bunni has acknowledged the need to improve in this aspect of her influencing. However, it is worth mentioning that this criticism should not detract from the hard work and dedication that HardWoodBabyy has put into her craft and her mission to create heirloom quality pieces.

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The Impact of HardWoodBabyy on the Woodworking Industry

As HardWoodBabyy continues to gain recognition and popularity as a woodworking influencer, it is worth considering the impact she is having on the industry. Her unique approach to woodworking, her focus on creating heirloom quality pieces, and her desire to inspire and educate others is helping to bring a new perspective and renewed interest to the craft.

HardWoodBabyy’s rise to fame as a woodworking influencer is also bringing attention to the industry from those who may not have been aware of woodworking influencers on Instagram and how to learn about the craft. It is also possible that HardWoodBabyy’s success will bring more sponsorship and investment in the industry, leading to growth and development in the field.

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