Home Entertainment Taylor Swift is the only woman in the TOP 10 highest paid artists of 2022

Taylor Swift is the only woman in the TOP 10 highest paid artists of 2022

Taylor Swift is the only woman in the TOP 10 highest paid artists of 2022

Forbes just dropped their list of the highest-paid artists of 2022, and it’s filled with some of the biggest names in music, acting, directing, and hosting. So, get ready to be wowed by who made the cut!

At number nine on the list is the fabulous Taylor Swift, who raked in a whopping $92 million in earnings from her album “Midnights” released in October, and the subsequent ticket sales for her upcoming tour “Eras”. This marks her sixth time on the list, having previously topped it in 2019.

Rock legends The Rolling Stones are in seventh place, with $98 million earned from their recent European tour, while the amazing Bad Bunny snags the tenth spot with $88 million from his worldwide tours and Adidas contract.

But, that’s not all! Brad Pitt made the cut at number six, thanks to his production company’s sale and his recent roles in movies like ‘Bullet Train’, ‘Babylon’, and ‘The Lost City’. And, of course, we can’t forget about the top three spots. Genesis takes the lead, with $230 million earned from selling their music rights to the Concord Music Group. Sting comes in second, with $210 million earned from selling his old catalog to the Universal Music Group. Tyler Perry rounds out the top three, with $175 million in profits from the film and television industries.

Other noteworthy mentions include the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who are now with Paramount and HBO Max. The masterminds behind The Simpsons, James L. Brooks, and Matt Groening, have a net worth of $105 million. And James Cameron is sitting pretty in fourth place, with $95 million earned from the latest Avatar film.

Last but not least, the only woman on the list, Taylor Swift, takes the fifth spot with her impressive earnings. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the full list on Forbes now!

See the full Top 10:

  1. Genesis. $230 million
  2. Sting. $210 million
  3. Tyler Perry. US$175 million
  4. Trey Parker and Matt Stone. $ 160 million
  5. James L. Brooks and Matt Groening $105 million
  6. Brad Pitt $100 million
  7. Rolling Stones $98 million
  8. James Cameron $95 million
  9. Taylor Swift $92 million
  10. Bad Bunny $88 million


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