Hitman Holla is a famous fight rap icon with a huge fan following after appearing in the famous show Wild N out. He has been pretty vocal about his personal life due to which his fans have always adored him and his girlfriend both. He keeps on posting their pictures on Instagram where their fan express their love towards them both. He is getting popular over social media for latest leak in the fans. What is the full news? Check now.

Hitman Holla video viral

But recently we have seen a video of his and his wife which is being shared rapidly. People have made many assumptions on the same. Let us now see what was the reality of the same.

Here’s the video which got viral on internet and you will understand what is actually in the video. It was originally shared by Hitman Holla itself. He shared it as a story where only his close friends could see the same. But after a while, it got viral and some of his friend shared this video which made it viral. In the video, Hitman is with his wife doing some kind of activity.

Hitman Holla Wife

Hitman wife name is Cinnamon. Her video has been leaked which is being discussed by users on social media.

It made his fans think if it is some kind of trailer or news related to his new movie or a project. However, in reality, it was their personal video. Whatever intention he had, it didn’t go well with the followers and they really didn’t like the fact that he posted their personal video. Some of them were thinking if it is for some fame or something.

Hitman and his wife have not spoken about the video till now. However, if we get some news on it, we will share it with you.

Hitman Holla Twitter

Talking about who shared this video, it was shared under the twitter handle named @jezzywthetea. The account seems to be a fake account of someone as he does not have any details at all. And now the account has been suspended or deleted by Twitter itself.

This year, Hitman’s wife also met with an incident where some intruders trespassed her home and shot her. However, she has now recovered and is perfectly fine.

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