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One of the shocking news is coming out, that Ronnie McNutt has passed away, as per the source we got to know he is no more now, he committed suicide on the Facebook live stream with a shotgun. The tragedy happened on August 31. Now really it is seeming that it is one of the worst years, because different strange things are happening in this world. It is shocking that a man committed suicide on a live video? His name was Ronnie Mcnutt. Why did he do this? Here we will you get the info related to this incident so keep reading this article to know more.

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Was he a Tiktok star?

There are rumors circulating that Ronnie was a Tiktok personality but this is not true.

Our condolence is with his family and friends, his loved once are posting his pictures on social media and expressing their feelings to the public, many are still in sorrow and hoping best for his family, this news came out through Facebook.

Ronnie Mcnutt Age

He was born in 1987, and his full name is Ronnie Merle McNutt, as fas as sources are saying he is from Booneville, it is the place where he was born and it is located in Mississippi, we, mentioned above the cause of his death, he lost job and girlfriend and decided to commit suicide, finally he did it, he passed at the age of 33.IT was not the age to be died.

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Many of his friends, wrote their feelings and mentioned him in the post, including Callie E Pannell, Natalia Spencer, Dale Hathorn, and many more are here. He will be missed for sure, he was such a lovely person, he was serving in Church. There are lots of confusion about why did he do that, and people are still wondering about this matter.

His some of friends revealed his situations, that what he was going through, he was so upset due to the break up with her girlfriend, and he also lost his job, people were trying to talk to him, and he didn’t respond anything except being angry when his girlfriend broke up with his in encouraged his to do so. Finally, he kicked the bucked.

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Ronnie Mcnutt was a 33 years old man who lives with his mother in Mississippi. As per the source we got to know he killed himself just because he lost his job and his girlfriend, it was so unexpected for all of them, it is a very hard moment for his family and his loved once, they all are in shock and praying for his family and friends. His funeral is going to be done on the 2nd of Oct.

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