David Blitzer is a very rich man who is considered to have a net worth of around 1.3 billion USD.

If some news is to be believed David Blitzer might be planning to buy the shares of Cleavland Guardians. The rumored number popping off in this news is that he is buying 35 percent shares of this classic team. The news reports also suggest that the withdrawal of investment from John Sherman has made the owner Paul Dolan search for another partner who can infuse money into this team for a successful business.

David Blitzer Net Worth

Here enters, David Blitzer in the scene. His massive net worth of 1.3 billion USD has come from being an equity investor. Equity investment has helped to grow richer day by day. David Blitzer is well known for being a private equity investor by profession. If you look at several sports teams you can find that David Blitzer is a minority equity shareholder or a co-partner for a few of those teams. Sports teams have been his way to go sometimes when it comes to equity-based investment.

List of Sports Team where David has Shares

So, let us get started with the list for you so that you know more about his investment in sports teams. Ausburg, from Bundesliga, Crystal Palace from, English Premier League, New Jersey Devils from NHL, the Philadelphia 76ers from the NBA, Waasland-Beveren from the Belgian Jupiler Pro League, and the Scranton Wilkes of the Triple-A International leagues are some teams where David Blitzer’s shares are present and known in the public domain.
Not only sports, but he also has investment n esports company Dignitas. It is an England-based company. It was formed after Sweden Kompanix and Legion Condor planned to combine and become the Battlefield 1942 clan Legion Condor. David Blitzer bought equity in this company after this amazing merger.

These are a few shareholdings of this rich person which are available in Wikipedia. This stuff has helped him to accumulate a high amount of wealth over a less period.

Although many know him as an equity investor, he is also having a job as a senior executive at a private equity firm called Blackstone Group. There are rumors that he takes a 5 million USD cheque from them annually as the salary.

He net worth multiples becase the businessman invested in the company and shares. He is rich businessman with assets worth billion dollars.


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