Home News How to say ‘Happy Bastille Day’ in French: Celebrate essential day in France’s historical past

How to say ‘Happy Bastille Day’ in French: Celebrate essential day in France’s historical past


Nowadays (July 14) marks 14 July, an crucial day in French history. If you happen to’re celebrating at present, you is most certainly going to be thinking about learn the way to exactly want anyone a ‘Glad 14 July’ in French.

The birthday celebration is deemed vital by way of freedom and democracy.

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What’s 14 July?

14 July is an annual match, celebrating French freedoms and the start of the French republic.

In step with French author Sidonie Sawyer, July 14 marks the beginning of the Federation of France in 1790.

A French prison, named the Bastille, was once additionally stormed on nowadays in 1789, by way of the French Revolution.

To have stress-free the French throw parades, events and firework exhibitions. As well as, Fête de los angeles Fédération, now reportedly the oldest military parade in Europe, is a huge match for the birthday celebration. In step with The Scotsman, an estimated 4,000 military workforce and police participate all the way through the development hung on Paris’s Champs-Élysées. The French President even attends!

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How one can say ‘Glad 14 July’ in French

If that you must have a bit bit bit bit of information regarding the French language, you is most certainly going to be tempted to want a French specific particular person “Bonne Bastille” – however, that doesn’t lovely translate exactly.

Fairly, a bigger means of celebrating the day in French might be: “Joyeux Quatorze Juillet” or “Bonne Fête Nationale”. Those words kind of translate to ‘have a excellent nationwide day’ in English, in accordance with The Scotsman.

Reportedly, the French are so much a lot much less doable to use “14 July” as a result of that identify is additional of an American invention – a time period used for American’s celebrating French heritage.

Watch the celebrations in France

If you happen to’re on the lookout for to have stress-free 14 July from the relaxation of your personal living, the 2022 parade is on YouTube now.

You’ll watch it beneath.

How are you celebrating?


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