Pastor Oluwasegunfunmi Oluwasinaayomi in a contemporary submit on his reputable Fb web internet web page lamented in regards to the state of issues in Nigeria which he titled “Suppose About This.”


He said that the reason fraud and corruption will continue to abound is on account of the society have fun them, as we despise truthful living. We glance down on those who hustling actually. We glance down on some jobs. We give no appreciate to those who live inside of their manner. He claimed {that a} yahoo boy is widely recognized by way of his circle of relatives as ‘Olu Omo’. A corrupt flesh presser is observed as the precise and is rewarded with chieftaincy or non secular titles. A civil servant who lives a long way above his profits is widely frequently known as a profitable profession guy.97b5089101d445808f3a0c3e59d83663

Talking additional, he said, “I want shall we return to the times when folks raised their kids to worth truthful labour, and can refuse to the touch any sick obtained cash their kids carry. At the moment, it’s folks which might be pushing their kids into “blowing”. I would like we’d go back to the circumstances when society asked questions and refused to associate with individuals who couldn’t provide the provision in their wealth.” He then said that Greed and loss of values have relatively made us to have fun them, and set them as examples. We embellish hands we must always cuff.39f99c230103469ab13d35c64810b1cd

He then said that he needs we’d go back to the circumstances when non secular leaders won’t settle for a donation from you however fats the envelope is on account of your cash merely isn’t natural. Nowadays, they’ll even provide you with specific seat, and pray specific prayer for you. He want we’d go back to the circumstances when ladies stood with their men in circumstances of want, and men were excellent to their other halves when they grew to develop into wealthy. At the moment, many women won’t date you in the event you’re no longer wealthy, not to keep up a correspondence of marrying you.


In any case, he said, “Let’s go back to our values as a result of a society with out obviously outlined values is certain for chaos. A country whose priorities don’t seem to be set proper will proceed to have fun evil, and despise excellent. It begins from you and I, what can we have fun?” What shall it source of revenue you you probably have the good thing about somewhat so much cash on a twinkling of an eye and spend the remainder of your lifestyles in prison? Our only price tag to heaven is to live the life of Christ. Let God mirror to your lifestyles. Be a doer of the word.b2c17eca294d4694b713e62e70d7d771635e3cac43a34b739f58ccce95c62606

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