Iba Party Viral Video Karanchi Dance Party Complete Videos Raises Outrage

Karachi University’s Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi students organized a dancing party. The recordings from the party have gone viral on social media, and the IBA’s instructors and alumni have requested immediate action. The IBA’s disciplinary committee has initiated an inquiry and has deemed certain students’ behavior to be unsatisfactory. Obscenity on campus, according to the institution’s Director and Registrar, should be forbidden.

Videos from the IBA Party have gone viral on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. Students and staff were outraged, accusing the gathering of violating social standards. As a result, allegations of impoliteness have been levelled. In a number of communications to the administration, IBA staff and alumni raised their worries about the films. According to one of the letters, the IBA students’ behavior breached cultural and religious norms, as well as national legislation. In response to the event, some have criticized the party and demanded for strong measures to be done.

According to one of the letters, the IBA students’ actions breached cultural and religious norms as well as national legislation. People have criticized the party and demanded that stern measures be done in response to the occurrence. People want the campus to be handled as a learning environment. They feel that students should not propagate profanity and that sexually inappropriate behavior is undesirable.

Despite the presence of campus security, the dance celebration at IBA Karachi went on. Faculty members have frequently voiced concerns about violation with the university’s dress code, inappropriate email behavior, and the quickly changing campus atmosphere. The administration’s quiet on the issue sparked worries and raised questions about the present administration.

According to Ayesha Javed, a university spokesperson, the campus administration has taken notice of the complaint and has forwarded it to the Student Conduct Committee for further action and evaluation. The photographs and videos from the IBA Party went viral on Twitter. Some remarks even questioned the university administration’s ideals for allowing students to organize such gatherings.

According to one of the users, the rave events at IBA openly promote homosexuality, and the educational institution should prohibit obscenity. Some individuals believe that IBA Karachi students should do anything they want.

The video has been shared on the social media different platforms where users criticized the administration of university for allowing such type of party in the campus. Authorities are concerned over this incident.


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