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There’s a piece of reviews going viral on the web and a whole lot of utterly other platforms in the marketplace for knowledge and utterly other the information is claimed to the tech companies operating in India however are home-based in numerous international spaces and that’s the information of the an identical form of company of china, that’s operating in Indian markets for the trade and products it introduces throughout the Indian marketplace because of the recently India and China have a dispute over the borders and china is infiltrating throughout the Indian territories which are adverse with a violent difference from the India military because of the Indian soldiers beat the Chinese language forces and lead them to retreat to china and pay money for is land over again from china and according to this worry the Chinese language are very such a lot inside the matter now not only throughout the army front alternatively in addition to economical front as India is a gigantic tech client and do trade with China for its products of diff commodities continue learning underneath for the  detailed description on

Indian financial crime agency raids Chinese owned Vivo

Contemporary knowledge is because of the Indian financial companies track any form of financial misconduct the enforcement department (ED) has enforced the china founded company for the laundry case because of it company is worried in some instances of such variety, the director of ED said in his statement on Tuesday that the department has blocked 119 financial established order accounts which are related with VIVO, because of the VIVO is a Chinese language company that’s at the intention and concerned in a large number of laundering movements.

VIVO is implicated by way of the ED for the 4.65 billion rupees which can be equivalent to $58.76 million us greenbacks and that sum is said throughout the 119 financial established order accounts of VIVO jointly, it has positioned its accounts throughout the 48 in entire no of grades at the VIVO places of work and utterly other spaces underneath suspicion, and 23 accounts have entries of cash are from this week and the transferred the cash put as loss in trade in India, the name of corporate VIVO is in loss incurred in India is proving this to keep away from the taxes which are to be paid to Indian government underneath the trade and tax coverage of Indian development, because of the, Chinese language company VIVO is electric devices making massive corporate that have more than a few products powered by way of electric power the corporate said it has a complete determination to law and order following and it has cleared all its taxes dues in India regulate to as Indian law because of the statement is introduced at the media from one among many officials of the VIVO however the investigation is going because of the ED had discovered concrete evidence of cash laundering.

Vivo in those 119 accounts during Indian banks has an entire sum of this 12 months operations has 50% of the sum that’s generated from entire gross sales and the sum is 1251.85 billion rupees, that’s equivalent tot eh Chinese language cash $ 15.82 billion and set to switch the. cash to china founded financial established order accounts to safeguard the cash however the cash is tackled by way of the ED. to keep away from the taxes at the worth and to cut once more those taxes they supply a press release of the graph that’s losses orientated and in keeping with the statement that’s exhibiting the sum throughout the account is justifiable the investigation has been happening for since few months and started in February 2022 when India bans 300 chines firms and online purposes operating in India from roots in china, the china smartphone makers are in downside because of the Indian government is strict now they incessantly discovered the 15% marketplace percentage company is for the counterpoint analysis,

As India has a huge population and so are the consumers for any form of providers in India many Chinese language firms digitally or utterly other provides providers are operating and offering their providers and this fight with India over borders impacted that and this massive no of the population want provides and all form of providers and Chinese language see India a big marketplace and their financial device is having a considerable amount of part sort India previously as India consumes the product from china made however recently the Chinese language company are going by way of the problem in this process of cash laundering.


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