Home News Is Mercy Johnson dead or alive? Accident Death news rumored on social media

Is Mercy Johnson dead or alive? Accident Death news rumored on social media

Is Mercy Johnson dead or alive? Accident Death news rumored on social media

Rumors rounding celebs doesn’t stop on any day notice. One such rumor spread across the social media after people got worried that one of the leading actress from Nollywood had died. The famous actress we are talking about is Mercy Johnson. People started to ask the question on what may have happened on internet as the news grew like a flame. But what exactly had happened? Don’t worry we will cover you with all the information on this matter.

Mercy Johnson Biography

Mercy Johnson was born on 28th August 1984. She is 37 years old and will turn 38 this year very soon. She started her acting career soon after secondary school. Her passion took time to elevate herself, but she did it. She went for audition for a role in ‘The maid’ film in 2004. She slowly took her career by acting in various films after then. At beginning she acted as the supporting actor and she could lead to greater heights after been nominated as the best supporting actress at the 2009 African movie award.

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Mercy Johnson Death Hoax

But the rumor on her death is just havoc. The actual scenario is totally different. Mercy has been working in several movie shootings now a days. And all the photos and news about her accident, injury and death are part of the movies. People are sharing the images from the movie shooting and pointing out as real life incident. So all the fans of Mercy Johnson can stay calm and take a sigh of relief. The actress is alive and healthy. We can hope for a good movie from the actress very soon.

How all this rumor started?

The specialty of the actress is that, she uses are celeb influence to raise social awareness voice. The actress love to socialize and spread awareness on various society problems. That is why, people took over the internet after listening to the rumor of her death. Mercy is happily married and has 4 children. She loves to share her personal life status on her Instagram and other social media handles.

Mercy Johnson Net Worth

Mercy Johnson is an actress celebrity who has millions on the social media like Facebook and Instagram.

She is perfectly fine. The accident news about her looks like a rumor or death hoax in the fans.

The Mercy Johnson’s net worth is $1.21 million. We do not confirm her death news until an official statement comes from her side.


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