Rupiah Banda, the fourth president of Zambia and a popular figure in that country’s politics passed away today. He was 84 years old; sick with cancer for some time now according to reports from earlier this year when he could not go into detail about his condition but it seems like things have gotten worse since then as there are claims one might make regarding how long ago they last saw him alive or what kind medical carelessness caused these latest symptoms which included lossing weight rapidly before dying altogether after being rushed into emergency surgery. What was the death cause of Rupiah Banda?

Rupiah Banda Bio

The first African president of an independent Zambia, President Banda spent his early life fighting against European colonial powers. At 27 years old he became the youngest ambassador ever sent out by ZAMBIA’Sgovernment until 1967 when they voted him into office as leader on their own soil! Now aged 76 with two terms under belt – one term dissolved dueto amendment last year which allowed him another six months stay in power before hanging up those shoes once more-this statesman has seen many changes over decades not only cultural but political too.

Rupiah Banda Death Cause

The death of the Banda has been highly speculated on social media. No official publication or news source has confirmed his current situation yet, but he was diagnosed with colon cancer as announced officially from Office last week and nothing can be concluded directly based off these posts alone – especially without any mention that this could also apply for other cancers types/chemotherapy treatments etc., which would make them more reliable sources than guessing randomly online where people are often Wrongway rumour factories. Rupiah Banda is a popular personality in UK with many followers countrywide.

Rupiah Banda Wife

His second wife, Thandiwe Banda became the First Lady of Zambia in 2008. She is an English teacher and he married her 2000 after divorcing his first wife Hope Mwansa Makulu who later passed away from cancer

Makumbus’ children are now grown up; including one son (Kingsley)that successfully pursuebled a political career as Member Of Parliament for Douglas Havel Beach municipalities while another child Tet Misses voting right due to lack awareness about its importance

Rupiah Banda Health Update

For the past few days, Rupiah Banda has been sick. As a result there have been many different speculations and rumors about his health on social media with no information coming from either himself or anyone else in authority figure of this situation!

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