Hey guys! Do you want to know about the popular twitch channel Itsawdee? There are thousands of people who admire the skills of this gaming player. Itsawdee is a twitch channel operated by a streamer named Awdee whose abilities in Minecraft and many other hunting games. This post will talk about the Itsawdee net worth, age, appearance, and many more. So do read below for further information related to Itsawdee wiki, age, career, girlfriend and net worth.

Itsawdee Wiki

Awdee is the operator of a well-known Twitch channel where streams “Escape from Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown. For many years, this streamer didn’t reveal his face in front of fans. However, it was somewhere in 2019 when Awdee joined Twitter and showed his face to the world. There are tons of photos that he has also posted on Instagram since then.

Itsawdee Biography

There is no exact information available about the age of this streamer. However, we can fairly imagine that he might be anywhere between the age of 25 & 30 years looking after looking at his face. He created his twitch channel in 2019 and began streaming about six months later in 2020.
Since launching his channel, he has streamed content of more than 300 hours to make lots of followers. We feel these stats are pretty amazing considering the short span of time. As many of his audience realized, he plays first-person shooter games most of the times.

Itsawdee Girlfriend

Awdee has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Nattiya Chuenta for the past three years. The couple got engaged in 2018 and living together happily since then. The thing that we can realize from their pictures is the couple is living very happily together. They also have a dog whose name is Elle. There are tons of pictures that these couples have posted on the internet.

Itsawdee Net Worth

As of 2021, the Itsawdee net worth is unknown as he hasn’t anything about his earnings. Although he has stated about being a full-time streamer, it is still harder to find the exact figures.

Itsawdee Social Media

Awdee has a very promising career considering his performance in hunting games. We believe he will continue entertaining his followers with solid gaming tactics. On Instagram he has an average fan following of 273 followers on his account. So do follow him on his Instagram account for more updates regarding his personal life. For more updates and information related to your favorite celebs stay updated and tuned with us.


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