We are back with another heart-breaking and shocking news of the death of the University of North Dakota student? How did he died? John Hauser is the name of student who passed away in the plan crash. The news now spread to social media where people expressed their concern and condolence to John Hauser. Here look the John Hauser age, death cause and go fund me.

Who was John Hauser?

John Hauser was the student of the University of North Dakota. He was born in 2002 and died at the age of the 19-years. According to the reports, he was very intelligent student who was at the plane for training.

Hauser was a student majoring in commercial aviation from Chicago. He knew that if he wanted to be successful, it would take hard work and dedication. He studied engineering but chose this field because of its flexibility which made earning money easier during tough economic times after college started losing steam.

The president of UND also confirmed his death in plane crash.

Plane crash incident

The official released the statements in the matter. The informed of the crash and accident happened in Chicago.

A release from the North Dakota Highway Patrol said around 10 p.m., “We responded to an airplane crash southwest of Buxton.” The accident happened at 11th Street Northeast and 165th Avenue NE about 30 minutes southeast of Buxton where officials found personal items belonging to one victim as well as debris near Wingset Aviation Services LLC located 2 miles west along ND-61 highway access road which is next door east out their main entrance off county road 710 both ways up/down.

John Hauser Obituary

John Hauser was 19-years old.

The UND student was the pilot of a plane that crashed on approach. The North Dakota Highway Patrol is investigating this incident along with Federal Aviation Administration and Traill County Sheriff’s Office, among others to determine what caused it all!

The accident took place on October 19, 2021.

The university also confirmed the news and posted a message paying tribute to John Hauser. The friends and family members are devasted by this news. This is something which should not be happened.

A Go fund me page will be made to raise the funds and money for suppporting the parents and family members. The local news media aksed the concerned authority to take responsiblity of the crash. The truth will come out after the proper investigation by police and department.


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