David Amess, a British political leader and MP has taken up a long run in the office since 1st of May 1997. He was a great mentor and politician. Sadly, he was stabbed to death on 15th of October 2021 at a consistency surgery.

It is really sad to hear about the incident. Sir David Amess was a public serving person who have been working for people since past 3 decades. The matter of fact is, he died while serving people. As per sources, Amess used to conduct multiple consistency surgery around the city, so that people can come and talk to him and share their problems. Such a generosity act makes people feel proud and are going to miss a great leader as well as a great human.

The shocking part is, this is the second such case, Labour MP Jo Cox was killed in Birstall when she was conducting a consistency surgery same like this one. As per the reports, police have arrested a 25 old man as suspect to stab Sir David Amess at the church in Leigh-on-Sea.

Sir David had a big heartily family. He has been an MP since 1983 and was married to Julia Arnold and had 5 children. It’s really a dreadful moment for the family as they never expected such an incident to be made on a man like Amess.

A statement made by Prime Minister Boris Johnson quoted “our hearts are full of shock and sadness” at the loss of “one of the kindest” people in politics. Other people who were close to Amess had given their condolences to the family. Colleagues and people who worked close to him are devastated with the act as he took his last breaths at the scene.

As per the police, they received a call for reporting stabbing at a scene. The officials hurried to the crime scene and discovered Amess been injured. He was losing his consciousness and the surgery had to be taken place at the scene itself. Doctors and other medical officials tried to treat Amess, but sadly he died during the surgery.

The David Amess wife name is Julia Arnold. They share five children- four daughters and one son. The elder is an actress and model who worked into the movies. The family lives in the London, United States. The family and politicians are stunned by the death of the David Amess. The suspected has been arrested by the police.


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