Taylor Bisciotti is a well-known sports journalist who is currently a reporting working alongside of NFL network. Her day begins with reading the headlines of the sport and update people of what’s new in NFL. So if you are NFL fan, you would have heard her voice at least once broadcasting over in morning and fulfilling your day with knowledgeable content.

Taylor Bisciotti Age

Taylor birthday falls in the month of October, she is 29 years old as of 2021 and was born in year 1992. She is a residence of Atlanta, Georgia. She began her career at an early age, and later realized her interest in sports journalism. Her hard work paid off, and we are aware of it by her today’s reputation.

Taylor Bisciotti Family

Taylor grew in a family with avid love of football. She lived with her parents, her elder brother and 3 older cousins. Her uncle had a deep root with sport, as he was the owner of Baltimore Ravens. It seems like her interest in sport grew in the four walls of home and later she explored it herself until she became a leading journalist.
She got graduated from University of Georgia (UGA). She had a choice to select one course from 140 different choices in major. But the destiny was written and she chose journalism and marketing. She completed her Bachelor’s degree after completing double major in business marketing and broadcast journalism.

Taylor Bisciotti with Justin Herbert

The journalist isn’t married yet and her current relationship status is single. She was dating another anchor from news industry, Brian McFayden, he used to work in MTV news. Their story began and people started to talk about them after Brian shared a post on Twitter with a caption on how much fun they have together working. Later on 30th April 2016, Taylor posted a photo of the couple with caption ‘Uno ano’ which means one year. This clearly stated that they were dating since 30th April 2015.

There wasn’t any recent events specifying her relationship status. Since 2017 there hasn’t been any post relating her private life. Looks like Taylor is looking forward for a career based work for some days.

Justin Herbert Net Worth

The Taylor Bisciotti net worth is dollar one or two million. He is a rich sports player who made earnings through professional contracts in sports. He is in news for relationship with Taylor. She is also a star on the Instagram.


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