Justine Madrigal is the latest scandal which is going viral on the Twitter and social media. Who is she and why her name is spreading on internet. Here we explained abut Xyruz Tify (an uploader on YouTube) admitted in one video that someone was harassed when he uploaded it this past October 25th 2021.

The is the latest and new controversy which is taking to Philippines social media accounts. We urge the users to not share any fake details on the matter.

Who is Justine Madrigal?

Justine Madrigal is the girl whose name risen in a scandal.

The reason why there aren’t more videos from him regarding the topic could just mean no other victim came forward yet or maybe because they were all too embarrassed to talk publicly? Either way we need more voices like these two heard so others will feel safe enough talking again

The person harassed an underage boy and took advantage of him when they were inebriated to get their phone back from them but did not know anything further about this individual or how old they may be (or what country). At last, after giving moral for us all: don’t drink too much! We don’t know much of this case yet as some claimed that the kid was drunk. Justine Madrigal’s video are viral on the YouTube and other sites.

Justine Madrigal has been garnering attention from the public as her identity remains unknown. She was involved in an incident where she reported being harassed and it’s only now that people are taking notice to this atrocious act against one person who can barely speak up for themselves after what happened to them during those events; but we will update you once more information surfaces about Justines’ true self!

Justine Madrigal Viral Video

You can check the viral video on the YouTube. It has been uploaded and leaked to the users. It is the latest scandal which the people are looking over on the social media.

The first video related to Madrigal on his YouTube channel was uploaded two years ago. It has gathered over 6k views and he’s turned off the comment section too because people were getting vicious in their posts commenting about how they wish death upon him or whatever negative thing came into mind for them at this point when we’re talking about an elderly man who passed away last year.

Our team investigating the more details and updates in this case. We will inform and update this article when get sufficient information on Justine Madrigal controversy case so check back again.


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