Kerax Mi is popularly known as a Tiktok star and a gamer. Finally, Kerax has revealed her face in a recent video and posted in Tiktok. Kerax is unique from different Tik Tok stars because she never posted her lip-syncing or dancing videos on her social media platform as she usually posts gaming videos and live streams. After disclosing her genuine identity she became more famous.

Who is Kerax Ml?

Kerax became very famous because of her face hiding videos as she attracted people with her videos and she intended to let them wait to see her face revealed. She revealed her face when she got a silver button for her youtube channel with many subscribers. On public demand, she revealed and gave a feast for her fans who are eagerly waiting to see her face. After her face was revealed she became twice famous compared to her previous fame. many of her fans say that she became famous by her name because later it became the name of a house. kerax is also having a Facebook account. in youtube, she owns 163k subscribers and in total, she received 24 million views from her total 549 videos.

Kerax Ml Face Reveal

Till now, Kerax never posted her details and her original name in public or on social media platforms. Stay connected with us to know her real name and more updated details.

Kerax Ml Career

Kerax has randomly started making gaming videos on TikTok and youtube. From this, she got very much fame because she never shows face in the videos. So she decided to start her career in the social media platform as an influencer, Tikoker, and a gamer. Right now, Kirex is having 1.5 million followers on the Tiktok platform and growing subscribers on youtube. She was very proud of herself that her gaming videos had resulted to be theĀ  basic reason behind her growing popularity.

Kerax Ml Relationship Status

Kerax revealed her face very recently and fans are waiting to know about her personal life like about her boyfriend, parents, and her dating partners. Till to the time, when she haven’t revealed her basic details, audience was very curious to know about her personal life. However, still the TikTok star seems to be very secretive in telling personal details to the fans. We are expecting that soon we will get to know all the basic details related to her.

Kerax Ml Income/Net Worth

Right now, Kerax’s income source is from Youtube as well as TikTok. She charges $9 to $97 per video and her net worth is estimated in this year with $52.7k.


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