Killer Dolls: Every generation has its favorite haunted doll

When we talk about the horror genre a lot is said about great icons that marked a generation and life bringing that feeling that there is something dark behind you. From Freddy Krueger and his evil killing power from within dreams to the brutality of Jason Voorhees against the young men who tried to break into Crystal Lake, the ‘Slasher Movies’ have always been honored in future generations.

Now, “Megan” brings something we’ve had contact with since the early days: Dolls. If one generation grew up loving the cute side in “Toy Story,” another part grew up afraid because of the evilness of Chucky, the killer doll who is the result of a pact of a killer with dark forces where he transfers his soul to the body of a nice doll, Good Guy.


Charles Lee Ray is a criminal and back in 1988, his journey begins. Still as a man and in a police chase, he is shot and manages to stagger into a toy store where he falls off balance and comes face to face with the children’s favorite nice doll in the movie. Charles, realizing that he would be found and arrested, transfers his soul in a macabre ritual into the doll’s body. The Good Guy, who calls himself Chucky, now begins his saga of revenge on any human beings who cross his path or whom he simply does not like.

Some basic information about the red-headed little fellow: He is a creation of Don Mancini, and has 3 original sequences (“Child’s Play” 1,2,3). In the sequel we are introduced to one of the films that revolutionized the franchise: “Chucky’s Bride” (1998) and we are introduced to Tiffany, a killer doll who is romantically involved with her friend of all hours.

You might think it Bizarre he marries a doll! But, he has a son too! In 2004 “The Son of Chucky” premiered, which even then brought diversity. Don Mancini created Glen, a boy who is part LGBTQIAP+, and who is referenced again and has his stories told years later in the original series.

Chucky is a huge franchise and of course, it needed to try the reboots area. In 2013 a new generation met the doll with “The Curse of Chucky”. Soon after, in 2017, the bizarre and fan-service-filled sequel, “The Cult of Chucky.” In 2019, the beloved doll got an updated version, but, it didn’t excite most fans. Which made Don Mancini bet on something more current: serials. Yes, the 1988 killer doll got one to call his own. “Chucky” has 2 seasons and a confirmed third season available on Star+.


The pyre of killer dolls has always existed. Back in the ’90s, there was a lot of talks about the Fluffy doll having a knife inside it or the Xuxa doll being haunted by evil. But before Chucky existed, we had Annabelle. The Raggedy Ann doll started causing a stir in 1970 when a nursing student bought it with all love and care, but then began to notice strange things happening in her house. A joke here, a little card here and there …. Until, yes, things started breaking, being thrown around the house, and realizing that she was cursed.

The couple most famous for investigating paranormal phenomena, Lorraine and Ed Warren, have told several times that the evil presence that is near the doll is too dangerous, having to keep it caged in the Warrens’ Occult Museum where they kept all manner of possessed artifacts. It is worth noting that the doll has three movies to call her own and that she is a derivative of the “Evil Summoning” phenomenon, directed by James Wan. The Warren universe is always mysterious and full of terror.


Annabelle in real life X Annabelle in her acting moment (Reproduction/Disclosure/Warner)

Now let’s go from a bizarre curiosity: Ed and Lorraine Warren died a few years ago, he is 2006 and she in 2019. However, Lorraine always told them that there were rituals to enter the museum, such as holy water and prayers, and that they could only stay there for a maximum of 15 minutes. The researcher tells several times that for the doll it was different. Every day it was necessary to purify the place and pray a lot. There is a reason she is kept locked up: What is with her could never be released because chaos would be done. Lorraine also said that, among the various and numerous artifacts used in rituals or that have negative energies, what there was, and what is heaviest in the place is simply the doll.

Warren Couple
Warren Couple: The Two Greatest Investigators of Paranormal Phenomena (Reproduction/Disclosure)

New generation, new doll!”

If one is the fruit of a covenant and another is the devil… “Megan,” which is in theaters now, and directed also by James Wan, is a movie that tells the story of a robot doll with artificial intelligence who surges to kill everyone in order of priority. Megan is her best friend until the day she decides to “ruin” her life. The robot conquered the internet and TikTok for being a ‘nice one’ and doing dances inspired by the app’s trends, along with fun montages. Even though she is just starting her career, and based on the end will certainly be long, Megan has charisma and scores another point for the team of killer dolls who love to star in a slasher or dark movie and be the centerpiece of so many events.


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