Pepperonimuffin aka Kirsten Titus is again in the news. It has been quite a time this star of social media generation was not there in news but then you can never keep her away from the news. She is recently seen enjoying holidays in Coachella. It has been an amazing holidays according to him. We can see from the Instagram stories of this superstar. Kristen Titus Tiktok is flooded with so many views of holiday’s enjoyment that every other stars might envy this superstar. This Tiktok star is supremely talented and highly followed by her followers and fans in huge numbers.

Who is Kristen Titus?

Kristen Titus is a very popular Tiktok star with over 400 plus million views on the videos. She is a Instagram model and tiktok star will lots of followers and fans on the social media. She has total 515K followers on the Instagram.

Accidentallt, Kristen revealed the pictures of private part on the Instagram story. The netizens quickly noticed it and shared it on the social media.

You can check her Tiktok journey below.

Pepperonimuffin Tiktok journey

Kirsten Titus Tiktok journey had started in not so extravagant note as he was just another Tiktok user before bang, the fame touched her sea shores. She is highly talented Tiktok celebrity who is making into news for one reason or other with the latest reason being an expensive vacation with close family and friends where he is seen beating the blues of the summer and enjoying a lot. Her vacation pictures and short videos have gone viral as expected just like other social media content that have done exceptionally well till now with ease.

Kirsten Titus Instagram

Kristen Titus has millions of views in each of the content in Tiktok. She also has her expressive presence in other social media platforms like Instagram. She is also highly active in Instagram and consistently gives updates in Instagram to the delight of the fans. She has been in the books to get chance in acting as presence can help any movies or series to cash in and get good profit in their business. The fans are excitedly waiting for the debut in those and make another Tiktok celebrity who is going to make big with ease.

Kristen Titus already apologized for the mistake of posting the wrong photo on Instagram. The photos and videos of the model are available on reddit and Twitter.


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