Sometimes things seem unfair. People need to pay price of something that they haven’t done intentionally. Kristin Elise had to face the same consequence. Currently due to another person her pics are been leaked all over internet and she got fired from the job that she loved the most.

Kristin Elise Age

Kristin Elise is a 28 years old Texas resident. She was a cheerleader for the NFL team Indianapolis Colts. But due to a small mistake of another person she got fired. Kristin have an Onlyf account, through which one of her fan shared her photos on the internet. She had to pay the price by losing her job. The fan shared her photos on Reddit which later got circulated all around the internet on various social media. She shared her sadness by expressing how much she loved been cheerleader for her team in NFL.

Kristin Elise pictures

The attachment of a person’s job shows the dedication. Even though Kristin shared her pics on a subscription based service, it wasn’t her fault for the pictures been shared all over internet. Kristin explained her intention and even said that she will now never be able to serve and cheer her team Colt. Until and unless the team management decides to take her back.

What she said?

She even said that, “I also loved being able to dance and cheer on one of my favorite teams, expressing that part of myself and being a part of the whole organization. I was fired towards the end of the season due to my naked photos being leaked on Reddit.”

Being fired from my job was a devastating experience, but it’s given me the chance to explore my passion and be involved with an organization. Unfortunately though this past season ended prematurely because someone leaked photos taken years ago when we were younger which resulted into Reddit posts outing us as employees at risk for being let go due-to lack productivity among other things

Kristin Elise Instagram

But nothing to be worried about, in the recent post from Instagram, Kristin shared her vibes for a new career. She decided to give full time to modelling. We hope that Kristin achieves her success and no other hurdles come on her way due to other people. In the Instagram post she shared how concerned she was for what have happened. She then tried to give a feedback on how to maintain a good life style encouraging young followers.


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