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Queen Charley Clayton was an outstanding representation for our town, always kind and graceful with everyone she came across! We will never forget all those times spent at this year’s district fair where you could see how much fun being your own person was just becoming something natural to her – it made sense that the Queen would be crowned in 2019. Her death has left us heartbroken but we know there are no words adequate enough when describing what a wonderful personality trait sweetness had taken away from us.

Charley Clayton Los Angeles

Charley Clayton is a social media personality who has been involved in the beauty industry and entertainment world. After graduating from Point Park University, she went on to pursue additional graduate programs of interest for this versatile woman with an extensive list of credits under her belt including work as both model/actress but also holds down several other jobs such being producer or director outside those roles.

Charley Clayton Professional Life

When you think of the women who have shaped our world, it’s hard to imagine them as anything other than powerful and strong. But in many ways they were simply victims – preyed upon by society or even their own families because women don’t struggle easily; we’re used too taking care others before ourselves without much consideration given towards personal needs such as sleep cycles/privacy etcetera

Charley Clayton Death Cause

The fairgrounds were somber on the 18th of July as they announced that Charley Clayton, a West Virginia native and Los Angeles resident had passed away. She had been involved in pageants both locally but also on an international level with her performances overseas helping light up many lives across Europe especially where it darkest there during times like these- we will never forget what she did for us.

The entire town of Mannington is heartbroken after hearing the news that 2014 Queen Charley Clayton passed away. She will be missed by all who knew and loved her, not only for how she represented us but also because there are no more RAINBOW QUEENS in OUR COMMUNITY.

Charley Clayton, a social media personality and artist who won beauty titles on the internet has died. There’s been buzz around her death since it happened last week but no official cause of passing yet according to reports from those close with whom she shared time in both life and art alike — we’ll keep you posted as more details emerge about this tragedy!

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