Marcela Alonso is a 41-years old woman who is talk of gossip forums because of the onlyfans. She is not a normal lady who joined Onlyfans for her own desire. Instead she joined to earn the money to pay the fees of daughter’s law degree. Marcela is the mother of the 16-year old girl. The pandemic affected the lives of many families. It was being hard to make cash from home. So, Marcela decided to make the Onlyfans account to generate cash or money for living. Let we discover more Marcela Alonso age, onlyfans, family and daughter.

Who is Marcela Alonso?

Marcela Alonso is a 41-years old woman who worked studied from the University Of South Florida. She was born in 1980. She is a single lady living with her daughter in New York city. She is an American.

The Marcela Alonso’s daughter is 16-years old.

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Marcela Alonso Age

Full Name: Marcela Alonso
Birth Date: 1980
Birth Place: New York, USA
Age:41 years old
Nick Name: NA
Popular For: NA
Profession: Onlyfans
Home Residence: New York
Nationality: American
Gender: Female

Marcela Alonso Life

marcela alonso bio

Alonso is a strong lady who struggled and worked hard in her life. She is an Instagram model who grabbed attention for her bold looks and pictures in the fans. She is a self-made star from the New York city. Marcela is also qualified (University Of South Florida).

Marcela Alonso Height

Height (In feet or Inches): 5 feet 6 inches
Weight (Kgs): NA
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black

Marcela Alonso Career

Marcela Alonso is a model who recently started her Onlyfans account to manage the expenses and her little girl’s studies. Onlyfans is the primary source of income these days for the Instagram models and stars. Marcela was involved in the sex laborer since the age of 18. She joined the Onlyfans to overcome the expenses during the pandemic. Her fans can subscribe to her account to avail the paid services.

She mentions herself as the fashion model on Instagram. Her account is blessed with 300K followers.

Marcela Alonso Net Worth

The Marcela Alonso net worth is expected as $125K. Marcela Alonso is professional fashon model and star on different social sites. She was involved in different professions, now she makes the good income from the Onlyfans platform.


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