Here know about the Marianna Podgurskaya (@gixie_beauty) husband, pictures and Instagram profile. She in an Ukrainian social media star who has thousands of followers. 

Who is Marianna Podgurskaya? Why is she making news on social media? Marianna Podgurskaya is an Instagram star, actor and fashion vlogger. She had been accused by the Russia for making fake photoshoots in maternity hospital in Mariupol. Russia claimed this in the recent tweets on Twitter. The picture of the pregnant woman which is been shared on social media is Marianna Podgurskaya who is known by name gixie_beauty on the Instagram profile. Russia claimed an attack on hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine. Those who watched the shocking pictures of incident and injured pregnant mom are criticizing Russia on missile attacks.

Marianna Podgurskaya

Who is Marianna Podgurskaya?

Marianna Podgurskaya is a Ukrainian blogger and fashion beauty star who posts about the fashion on her Instagram page. At the time of writing, she has over 33K followers on her Instagram profile. She is a married woman whose husband name is Yuri. She had shared a picture with her husband on Insta on Valentine’s occasion. Marianna is pregnant woman and will soon give a birth to child.

Injured pregnant woman in Mariupol hospital

Lots of users called Russia shameless for accusing a pregnant woman on participating in false or fake photoshoots. Many users commented on the tweet after Russia pages posted about this on their official handle. Later it was removed by the Twitter. As we all know that Russia started a full-fledged war against Ukraine. The users are also divided on the social media. Many criticizing the fashion blogger on believing the Russia’s tweet while many are against the Russia on the issue. Already we had seen mixed reactions from the Instagram users on blogger’s profile.

gixie_beauty Instagram profile

@gixie_beauty is an official Instagram profile for the Marianna Podgurskaya. She is married. On her page, she had posted photos of her pregnancy and husband. Also we can find her posting content on the fashion vlogs and beauty tips. She is Instagram influencer in Ukraine and an actor too. She has total 35.5 followers on her profile.

Everyone is searching for her official Insta profile as many users are digging more photos and bio of the blogger.

The Marianna Podgurskaya’s total net worth is expected as $250K as she is a growing fashion blogger in Ukraine and also an expert in beauty products industry.


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