Meowbahh TikTok And Did JellyBean Really Doxxed Meowbah Face And Real Name

Do you remember Jellybean? Everyone knows about Jellybean, always on news for some reasons or another. If you do not know something then it can be the latest news where Jellybean and Meowbah both got doxxed recently, and the Twitch community is already blasting up. So, here comes the question, well we know Jellybean but who the heck is Meowbah here now? Well, we are going to discuss about that only.

Who is Meowbahh?

Meowbahh is a popular Twitch star who goes live on discord and tiktok. The star is in the news for the face reveal news and real name identity.

The kid’s side of Minecraft as of today is experiencing something or other and everything is turning to be massive mayhem. So, if you are curious why are we talking of Minecraft now, then you should know the two names we are taking, Jellybean and Meowbah both are Pngtuber and they got doxxed.

There Pngtubers are famed Youtubers who use avatars to talk while they play. According to the many fans between both of them Meowbah is more notorious and hated very much among the Minecraft community, while when you compare you might feel Jellybean is better.

Meowbahh Tiktok Face Reveal

Although her face and real name was never revealed by herself but getting doxxed everything about her and her private informations are leaked. She is a Tiktoker and Youtuber but she is highly hated in the community thanks to being homophobic and racist in nature. She uses many random slurs that do not go well with the community, while she streams.

Meowbahh’s real name revealed

Although she is notorious and many hate them, but still the community feels doxxing and leaking her private information is a step too far. She is a minor and she runs just a channel for kids. It seems she might take a break for a few days before coming back and streaming again. The question is this, will she ever change or remain the same.

Minecraft has always been a popular game, but it’s never experienced anything like this. The two YouTube names Jellybean and Meowbah are both Pngtuberā€”a name given to them by their fans on the internet for being someone with videos of Minecraft gameplay uploaded onto another platform. Meowbahh may soon officially reveal her name and identity to public fans.


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